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Days Gone Director Blames 'Woke Reviewers' For Bad Reception

Apparently, the problem with Days Gone is nothing to do with the actual game.
Days Gone Director Blames 'Woke Reviewers' For Bad Reception

In a stunning display of self-righteousness, Days Gone Director John Garvin has blamed 'woke reviewers' for the poor reception that the game got, among other small factors such as the game being bad. 

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Garvin, who directed Days Gone, Syphon Filter, and Uncharted Golden Abyss, has been outspoken about Days Gone over the years, feeling that the game should have got a sequel and sold better. He's now decided to not only throw reviewers under the bus but also throw his own engineers under the bus with

"It had tech issues like bugs, streaming and frame rate". 

Garvin seems to be totally oblivious to any other criticisms that people may rightfully have of the game, such as the woeful script, the overly long nature of the game itself, or the fairly repetitive gameplay loop. It's also a weird hill to die on for a game that is sitting at a 72 on OpenCritic and a 71 on Metacritic.

Garvin is currently working on Ashfall, a post-apocalyptic title that is also a blockchain game, which feels rather fitting for the theme. You'd think that by now he'd have had time to come to terms with the commercial failure of Days Gone (sales were around nine million, according to fellow director Jeff Ross), yet he's stuck to his guns and decided to blame the failure of the game on anything but the game itself.

Meanwhile, the studio behind Days Gone, Bend Studio, has moved onto new pastures since Garvin and Ross left in 2020, with a new unrevealed IP that reportedly builds on the open-world systems from Days Gone itself.