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How to Fast Travel in Days Gone and requirements

What you need to know about using Fast Travel in Days Gone and the requirements you need to meet to use this feature.
How to Fast Travel in Days Gone and requirements

The post-apocalyptic world of Days Gone is set in Oregon, and it is absolutely massive. With the game's release on PC, a whole new group of players will need to learn to navigate the world of Days Gone as Deacon St. John and his trusty motorcycle. One of the most important aspects of getting around and avoiding the Freakers (zombies) is by making use of Fast Travel. However, in Days Gone, using the Fast Travel mechanic isn't quite as simple as just clicking on a location on the map. 

How to use Fast Travel in Days Gone

At the beginning of Days Gone, the only usable Fast Travel point is the Hideout at the Top of O'Leary location. However, as you progress, you will be able to unlock more Fast Travel points to get around.

To Fast Travel in Days Gone, you will need to be near your motorcycle or a bed. This means you can't just Fast Travel while you're running around in the world.

How to fast travel days gone requirements fuel(Picture: Bend Studio)

Follow the steps below to Fast Travel in Days Gone:

  • Open your map and select one of the Fast Travel locations you've unlocked.
  • Make sure you have the required fuel to Fast Travel. 
  • If you don't have enough fuel, stock up by heading to one of the locations on the map with a fuel pump.
  • Click on the location you wish to travel to.

While this seems very simple in theory, you can see we've mentioned a fuel requirement to Fast Travel. That's because Fast Travel in Days Gone is not free. Instead, each location you travel to, depending on distance, will cost a certain amount of fuel, and time will also pass in the game.

How to fast travel days gone requirements fuel(Picture: Bend Studio)

This makes the decision to Fast Travel a bit more complicated, as Freakers are much more aggressive during the night, and you might run into some hordes as well...


Days Gone Fast Travel requirements

Since there's no cross-play or cross-progression support, even those who've played Days Gone on PS4 will need to once again meet the game's Fast Travel requirements, and unlock points as they progress through the game from start to finish.

How to fast travel days gone requirements fuel(Picture: Bend Studio)

Each type of Fast Travel point has requirements you need to meet in Days Gone. Here's a quick rundown of what you need to do to unlock these points permanently.

  • NERO Checkpoints: To unlock the Fast Travel point at NERO Checkpoint locations, you will need to turn on the power, and open NERO Mobile Medical Unit.
  • Ambush Camps: You need to clear the entire camp as well as infestations to unlock the Fast Travel point.
  • Friendly Camps: To travel to Friendly Camps (those filled with NPCs) you will need to do some story missions for the camp, and earn Level 1 trust. 

Remember, Fast Travelling also requires your bike to be repaired, and you need enough fuel to make the trip.

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