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Gotham Knights First 16 Minutes Of Gameplay Revealed

The first 16 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming Gotham Knight's has been revealed, and below are all the details you need to know
Gotham Knights First 16 Minutes Of Gameplay Revealed

WB Montreal's upcoming title, Gotham Knights, has been highly anticipated since its announcement, and though the game was pushed back recently, were now closer than ever to pounding Gotham's crime into submission.

With the reveal of a 16-minute first look into the gameplay, mechanics, and feel of the game, we finally have some info to chew on.

So let's take a look at everything we've seen in the first 16 minutes of Gotham Knights that's been revealed. And what it means for the direction the game will be taking, and if you should be hyped for its release (Spoiler alert, you should).

Gotham Knights First 16 Minutes Of Gameplay Revealed

Gotham Knights see the rise of Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red hood also known as the Batman Family, as they step up to protect Gotham City from evildoers in the wake of the recent death of Batman and Commissioner Jim Gordon.

The game is set in a different universe than that of Rocksteady's trilogy, and we've received our first look into this new universe with a 16-minute gameplay session released by IGN.

This portion of gameplay shows us the opening of the game, focusing on the character Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, who is tasked with questioning a professor from a prestigious university in Gotham City. She quickly finds that the professor has been murdered in his office and must investigate further to discover what happened. 

Gotham Knights First 16 Minutes Of Gameplay Revealed Investigative skills
Its likely that all characters will be able to investigate crime scenes and solve puzzles as shown in the gameplay demo. (Picture: IGN / WB Montreal)

This gives us a look at one of Batgirl's proficiencies, hacking, as she breaks into the professor's office to discover clues to the truth behind the murder. Once inside her gameplay loop is similar to what fans of the series are used to, as the AR (Augmented Reality) functions in the same way it did in the Arkham series, with Batgirl spotting clues, solving puzzles, following trails, and reporting her findings. 

The next segment of the gameplay footage focuses on what fans of the Dark Knight are likely most excited by, fisticuffs, and mooks to pummel into the dirt.

The combat mechanics that are available to Batgirl are showcased, and being the first part of the game, we are shown the tutorial section, in which we see her heavy and light attacks, and her stealth takedowns that the Arkham series is known for. 

Gotham Knights First 16 Minutes Of Gameplay Revealed Combat similar to previous titles but tweaked
Combat is similar to previous Batman titles but with slight alterations likely for each character. (Picture: IGN / WB Montreal)

In addition, a new mechanic has been added which replaces the counter mechanic that in previous titles triggers when evading an attack.

This new mechanic lets Batgirl hurl projectiles at foes from a distance after avoiding an attack, though this might be specific to her, and other characters such as Nightwing or Red Hood might get more close and personal with their counters like the Dark Knight himself. 

It is also shown that Batgirl gains experience from beating thugs, and these points are likely used to upgrade her abilities. But we are also shown that players can collect crafting materials to likely improve their arsenal, which is interesting to see, as it will give the game a more grounded RPG (Role Playing Game) feel. 

Gotham Knights First 16 Minutes Of Gameplay Revealed Gameplay looks promising
Gotham Knights looks very promising and we will have to wait and see whether it delivers. (Picture: IGN / WB Montreal)

With all that said, fans weren't sure what to expect from Gotham Knights, with the masterpiece that is the Arkham Trilogy setting the bar so high.

But from what we've seen, Gotham Knights seems up to the challenge and only time will tell if these four knights can fill the shoes of the Caped Crusader. 

For more on the game, head to our section dedicated to the latest DC video game news, tips, guides, and more. 


Featured image courtesy of WB Montreal