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How to Finish All The Right Notes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you move forward in Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time, players will need Mother Gothel's Purple Seeds to help Rapunzel.
How to Finish All The Right Notes in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

Thanks to the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update, the next chapter of A Rift in Time has added plenty more content including the new All The Right Notes quest with Rapunzel. The dastardly villain of this paid DLC continues to be Jafar, and your journey into The Sunken Ruins to learn more will include new challenges for several Eternity Isle characters.

If you're looking to unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, this is one of several steps along that path. We've got more details below about Mother Gothel's Recipe and how to complete All The Right Notes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Find Mother Gothel's Recipe in Rapunzel's Tower

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After speaking to Rapunzel and beginning this quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, your first step will be heading to Rapunzel's Tower wherever you've placed it on Eternity Isle. Check next to the teal wardrobe to the right of her bed and interact to gain the recipe, which can be learned by interacting with it from your inventory.

Mother Gothel's Purple Seeds Location

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Next up, head to The Promenade in the Wild Tangle. While the seeds are locked to this area, their exact location may vary from game to game. Use your Royal Shovel to dig them up, and get ready to grow them.

Location of where you plant the seeds doesn't matter, so pick a convenient spot and dig some holes then plant and water the seeds. They'll take a full 20 minutes to grow, so you may wanna go work on other quests during that time, after which each can be harvested.

Mother Gothel's Soup & Mother Gothel's Tea Recipe

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You'll also need to gather the following ingredients to make Mother Gothel's Soup and Mother Gothel's Tea:

  • 2x Majestea
  • 1x Paprika
  • 1x Yam
  • 1x Turnip
  • 1x Agave

When you're ready to cook them all, use the quest recipe to autofill ingredients and make each item. Rapunzel will happily accept them and each recipe helps her voice, but she'll need an additional five minutes to warm up before you can wrap this quest up in Disney Dreamlight Valley.