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How to Get Rapunzel & Finish The Sundial in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get the beloved Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll first have to finish The Ancient Door and The Sundial.
How to Get Rapunzel & Finish The Sundial in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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The first major expansion for Disney Dreamlight Valley has arrived, and A Rift in Time introduces several new characters as potential villagers including the beloved Rapunzel.  However, you won't be able to get Rapunzel right away as there are several early quests that must first be completed.

In this guide to get Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we'll first go over how you can find her in the Wild Tangle. We've also got details on how to complete The Ancient Door, The Sundial, and The Tower to finally make Rapunzel one of your friends.

Where is Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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When you first arrive on Eternity Isle, some of the most exciting areas won't be available. You have to first knock out early quests like The Secrets of Eternity Isle and The Flying Metal Nuisance, as that will help you gain access to the trusty Royal Hourglass.

Once you've done that, you need to finish The Sands in the Hourglass to unlock the Wild Tangle and Glittering Dunes biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While you can head to the Glittering Dunes to greet Gaston right away, you won't actually be able to finish his quests until after you've finished several steps in the first few Rapunzel quests.

To find her in the Wild Tangle, you want to head east of The Grasslands up a few levels until you reach a split waterfall. This is where The Ancient Door will begin, and Rapunzel happens to be hanging out behind that waterfall. She might bolt out to get in frame if you start taking selfies.

How to Complete The Ancient Door

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Speak to Rapunzel, and you'll kick off The Ancient Door. This quest will see you use the Royal Hourglass to clear Gray Floating Rocks similar to the Swirling Sands you encountered during The Sands in the Hourglass.

After clearing a few from in front of The Ancient Door, you'll realize the Sun Core that would open it is missing. These will be in more Gray Floating Rocks throughout the Wild Tangle, but exactly where is going to vary from game to game.

Continue clearing them with your Hourglass to collect each Sun Core Piece, and then when you have all three head for a Crafting Station. Once rebuilt, you can go back to the door and place the Sun Core which will finish The Ancient Door.

How to Get the Floating Sundial Gears

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After you finish The Ancient Door and go through a few conversations with Rapunzel, you'll be tasked with finding ten Floating Sundial Gears. Exact locations vary from game to game, but these are always going to be a mix of stationary and actively moving Sundial Gears.

They're not exclusive to the Wild Tangle, so make sure you explore the Glittering Dunes and head back to The Docks to find these. While the stationary ones will be easy to collect, the ones that stay in motion can be a bit more tricky.

One way you can catch them is by watching the path the Sundial Gears are taking and placing yourself where they'll end up while exiting an area to collect them before they slip past you. You can also eat a prepared meal and fill up your golden stamina gauge to glide and catch up with the Floating Sundial Gears.

Once all ten have been collected, make sure they're in your inventory and return to Rapunzel on the far eastern edge of the Wild Tangle. After giving them to Rapunzel, you'll have to investigate and interact with The Sundial.

After crossing over to the statue and noticing the Jewel of Time is missing, you'll need to pick up a note on the ground. Speak to Rapunzel again, and this will wrap up The Sundial and kick off The Tower.

How to Find Vine Seeds in The Plains near The Oasis

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If you want to continue with The Tower to unlock Rapunzel as your friend in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll first have to unlock The Grove. This will cost you a full 4,000 Mist, but once you've done a little grinding it'll open things you so you can meet Rapunzel at The Tower.

After some more back and forth, Rapunzel will tell you to dig up three Vine Seeds to help gain access to The Tower. These will all be in The Plains, so you don't actually have to use Mist to unlock The Oasis just yet. Each will be sparkling and easy to spot like the image above.

Head back to Rapunzel once you've dug up all three Vine Seeds, return to The Tower and clear the Swirling Sands around it to plant the Vine Seeds. Once they've grown, you'll finally be able to enter The Tower.

How to Finish The Tower & Unlock Rapunzel

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Once inside, you'll want to speak to Rapunzel first who will be more than a bit overwhelmed by the state of things. Interact with Gothel's Chest, and you'll be face to face with a timebending Swirling Sands version of Mother Gothel.

After some more conversation you'll need to use your Hourglass to clear away the remaining sand vortexes. You should collect the Jewel of Time from where the echo of Mother Gothel was standing and snag Rapunzel's Paints as well.

After you give Rapunzel the item, it'll officially complete The Tower and make her your friend in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Make sure to have conversations and give her gifts so you can increase her friendship level and become an integral part of your village.