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How to Break Big Blue Beach Rocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Get those pesky big blue beach brains gone, even the big rocks separating Dazzle Beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Break Big Blue Beach Rocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

As you continue to unlock new regions and biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may grow tired of how those big blue rocks that look like brains have divided Dazzle Beach in half. Fortunately, your trusy pickaxe is just the tool for the job if you want to break blue beach rocks.

However, to do so you'll need a few upgrades courtesy of Maui. Once you've got his friendship quest knocked out, your royal pickaxe will make quick work of any blue rocks on Dazzle Beach or elsewhere in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Break Blue Rocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The first place you'll be able to break blue beach rocks, also known as sea debris, is in the Moana realm. You'll have to spend 3,000 Dreamlight to unlock access once you can go in the Dream Castle, but it'll be more than worthwhile.

Through completing the quests that will allow you to break all big blue beach rocks (sea debris, apparently) in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll also get both Moana and Maui in your village as characters. The second quest you have to complete to unlock Moana is also the one that upgrades your pickaxe to bash in these little brain shaped bits getting in the way of her canoe.

Once you clear a few, you can wrap up that quest and keep the power to break small sea debris that you might refer to as little blue beach brains. The upgrade is permanent, but you'll need to do a little more to break big blue beach rocks.

How to Break Big Blue Rocks on Dazzle Beach

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Those little ones are nice to knock out, but the real nuisance is the big blue rocks blocking the bridge separating two halves of Dazzle Beach. Once you've finished the earlier quest, continue the Moana quests until you've added her to your village.

Head back to the Moana realm, and you'll now have to finish a quest to get Maui in your Disney Dreamlight Valley village as well. Once you have Maui, use any method to raise his Friendship Level to 4. This will unlock the quest "A Tale of Stone and Fire."

You'll need to grab him a few things from the Moana realm then prepare any 5-Star Meal for Maui. You may already have knocked out an early quest that teaches you how to make Bouillabaisse, and it's pretty easy to gather the one shrimp, one tomato, two seafood (clams are easiest to find on the beach), and one vegetable (such as corn or a carrot) for that recipe.

If you've got access to more ingredients, the Ranch Salad is another somewhat simple 5-Star Meal requiring one each of lettuce, bell pepper, corn, tomato, and onion. Once the required meal is prepared, deliver it to Maui and you'll be able to break one big blue rock.

How to Finish A Tale of Stone and Fire

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After you break the first one, you still have a little more work to wrap things up and move on with your permanent pickaxe upgrade. After you check inside the first bit of debris, Maui will decide you should help him craft a Granite Fire Bowl for the village.

To do so, you'll need to collect the following items:

  • 20x Sand
  • 25x Stone
  • 10x Coal Ore
  • 3x Red Falling Penstemon

You can rack up the sand by breaking small blue rocks around Dazzle Beach or digging in the same area with your shovel. Coal Ore and Stone will come from mining rock spots, and you can pick a few Red Falling Penstemons in the Plaza.

Head to a crafting station and create the Granite Fire Bowl, place it somewhere, and go back to talk to Maui. This will wrap up A Tale of Stone and Fire, and you'll finally be able to break all the big blue rocks on Dazzle Beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley.