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How To Unlock Moana In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Looking to meet some new friends, like Moana, in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here is how to meet, befriend, and unlock Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How To Unlock Moana In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you progress in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll befriend and get the help of lots of Disney and Pixar icons. Moana is just one of the sweet friends you’ll meet, and she’s a great friend to have on your team, as befriending her will grant you some amazing buffs along the way. 

Here is how to unlock Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley and complete the quests so you can add this friend to your roster and get the buffs she offers.

How To Unlock Moana In Disney Dreamlight Valley

moana disney dreamlight valley quests
To help Moana out, you'll need to complete some quests for her. (Picture: Disney/Gameloft)

Before befriending Moana, you’ll first need to unlock the Dream Castle. You'll do so early in the game just by following Merlin's instructions, so go ahead and do so if you haven't already. Unlocking the Dream Castle is a part of the main questline, so you’ll need to get it done no matter what. 

Merlin will ask you where you'd prefer to go first; if you want to go down Moana's route before meeting anyone else, choose "the ocean with a demigod." You'll then be able to head over and find Moana.

Moana Quests In Disney Dreamlight Valley

moana disney dreamlight valley
Moana is just one Disney/Pixar character you can befriend in Disney Dreamlight Valley. (Picture: Disney/Gameloft)

Meeting Moana is just the first step to befriending her. You’ll also need to complete a number of quests to get closer to her and build her a home in your valley. 

After the Storm - Pick up eight planks of wood and help Moana find silk. You’ll then need to answer some questions for Moana’s quiz. You can find the answers by talking to Maui, the demigod. You can then turn in the quest.

How Far You’ll Go - In ‘How Far You’ll Go,’ Moana will test, well, how far you’ll go to help her. You’ll need to go to numerous locations to help her out. First, go to the Coral Reefs and get the torch. Then, you can catch a fish and give it to her. At that point, you’ll have earned over her trust and given her the resources she needs to move on over to your valley with the others. 

That’s how to unlock Moana and give her a home in your valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Now, you know how to get Moana to the village in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Featured image courtesy of Disney / Gameloft.