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How To Unlock Moana In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Looking to meet some new friends, like Moana, in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here is how to meet, befriend, and unlock Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How To Unlock Moana In Disney Dreamlight Valley
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As you dive into Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll be able to meet tons of classic characters that will join your village including Moana. Once you've got access to the Dream Castle, it can be difficult to decide which realm to unlock and which characters are most worthwhile.

However, choosing to unlock Moana early will give you some major boosts and help you progress towards upgrading some of those coveted Royal Tools as well. We'll break down exactly how to complete each quest and get Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Unlock Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Once you finish unlocking the Dream Castle, whole new worlds of characters become available. One of the earliest commodities that is tough to come by will be Dreamlight, but if you can collect 3,000 Dreamlight it'll be more than worthwhile to use it on the door to the Moana realm.

We'll go over each of the quests below one by one, but first let's go over the benefits of adding Moana (and being able to add Maui) to your village in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You'll be able to get major pickaxe upgrades to take out those blue brain-shaped rocks on Dazzle Beach, which becomes a fantastic way to stock up on sand to make glass.

On top of that, unlocking Moana will eventually allow you to unlock her fishing boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This is especially useful early, as Moana's fishing boat can score you fish that exist in biomes you don't yet have access to.

After the Storm & The Great Maui

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The first quest you'll take on for Moana is After the Storm, and you'll need to help fix her canoe. Supplies are required, so head around the Moana realm looking for eight pieces of wood on the ground across the island. As for the three pieces of silk, look for any glowing spot you can dig and those shouldn't take too long to find.

When you've got all the items, hand the off to Moana to progress to your next quest meeting The Great Maui. You'll need to pass a quiz that Maui provides, and speaking to Moana will help you know these three answers:

  • Maui, shapeshifter, Demigod of the wind and sea, hero to all!
  • Eels!
  • Shapeshifting!

After taking the quiz, Maui will upgrade your pickaxe with the ability to break small blue beach rocks also known as sea debris. Head back to the shore and break the rocks behind Moana's canoe, then go speak to Maui one more time. 

How Far You'll Go (to Get Moana)

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Now you're moving on to the final quest to get Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and this one can be a bit tricky. In order to feel like her own realm will be safe after her departure, Moana needs help getting through the mist to go fishing.

Head out with Moana on her boat, and you'll have to decide which of several areas to head to. The first destination should be the Coral Reef, as upon arrival you should find a torch leaned against a rock that you can easily pick up from the boat.

Once acquired, speak to Moana and you'll be guided through the mist. It's now time to test the waters for fishing, so fish in the orange ripples to snag an Albino Tuna. Moana will now be convinced, but you need to place her home and fork over 2000 Coins to Scrooge McDuck to get it built. Your next task? Get Maui.