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Can You Change Companion Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In this guide, we'll be looking at whether or not you can change Companion Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Can You Change Companion Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Companion Roles are a vital part of the resource collection and management system in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and many players are taking advantage of this system to farm tons of resources for building, cooking, crafting, and much more. But some fans are more curious to know whether you can change your companion roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Well, luckily we have the answer for you below. Keep reading to find out if you can change your Companion Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Can You Change Companion Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The short answer to this question is no, at the time of writing, Disney Dreamlight Valley does not allow players to change their assigned Companion Roles once they've been assigned to specific NPCs in the game. This might be disheartening to hear, but luckily there are tons of NPCs roaming the Valley that you can assign roles and it's unlikely you'll need to change them. 

Can You Change Companion Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley Cant change codes but still works well
While you can't change the Companion Roles of NPCs, you can easily find another to assign the role that you need. (Picture: YouTube / The Minion 256)

Companion Roles are a fairly simple concept; you assign a specific role to a companion, such as Gardening, and when you need to do some gardening yourself, you simply take them with you, and they'll give you a buff in the number of crops you'll receive. The same applies to mining for ores, fishing, and so on. 

We recommend keeping track of who you've assigned companion roles to and making sure to assign at least one NPC to one unique role, then you can splurge on assigning extra roles to the rest. We also recommend leveling up your friendship with NPCs of each unique role, that way, you'll always have access to a boost when performing any of the five roles; Fishing, Gardening, Mining, Digging, and Foraging.

Can You Change Companion Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley Role help with all tasks
Whether it's fishing or foraging for food, you can use Companion Roles to make all your tasks much easier. (Picture: YouTube / The Minion 256)

It's worth noting that these aren't passive roles, and if you want the boost that a companion with the Fishing gives you, for instance, you'll need to head to them, select the "Let's hang out" prompt, then take them with you when you fish for the bonuses. 

So to recap, once a role is assigned to a character, it cannot be changed or reset. But you are likely not going to face the need to do so at any point while playing as you can find many other NPCs to assign the roles you need. And the feature still works perfectly in all scenarios to give you a boost in resource farming whenever you need it. 

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Featured image courtesy of Disney / Gameloft.