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How to Finish A Defender's Training in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To let Mulan make a man out of you, you'll have to complete A Defender's Training in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Finish A Defender's Training in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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It's no surprise that once you show up in the Mulan realm pretending to be a recruit, you'll eventually be put through your training paces. To get Mulan and Mushu in your Disney Dreamlight Valley village, one of the main quests you need to complete is A Defender's Training. Fortunately, a little persistence and this helpful guide will have you moving on to other Disney Dreamlight Valley challenges in no time.

How to Complete A Defender's Trianing in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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As you're working on The Dragon Army, once the statues go into the kiln you'll be directed to go see Mulan for additional training. After talking to her, you'll get a trio of quests which are all part of A Defender's Training. Here, we'll go over each one you're asked to complete.

How to Find the Pebbles for Orienteering

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You'll get all three quests the first time you speak to Mulan, but you'll need to chat once more to kickoff Orienteering where she leads you to the maze. Mulan will gift you some new Training Weights that can be equipped from your Wardrobe. Equip the accessory for full effect, then speak to Mulan so she can prepare the maze for you.

Once prepped, you'll need to find eight Pebbles throughout the maze. The first thing you should do is turn around and head to the spot where you entered the maze, as there are Pebbles hidden just behind the door. The rest aren't too tough, just stomp out trash to make your paths easier and gather each of the Pebbles before speaking to Mulan to wrap this one up.

Brick-Breaking & Fishing for Precision

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You'll knock out Brick-Breaking the fastest of all of these, just equip your Pickaxe and wipe out the eight bricks near Mulan in the center of camp. Lastly, Fishing for Precision isn't difficult but will take the longest.

You need to catch 10 Salmon in the river surrounding the training camp. You won't be able to just retrieve Salmon from your storage, so pull out your Fishing Rod and aim for the ripples. After you've caught all of them, Mulan will ask you to drop them in the cauldron on the left-hand side of the camp.

Training Treasures Locations

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If talking to Mulan after wrapping up all three of those quests doesn't complete A Defender's Training, it's probably because you missed one of the Training Treasures while going through these. A fan will drop on the ground when you break the last brick, and the snorkel should get found while you're fishing for Salmon. If for any reason you're missing either, continue fishing in ripples or check the ground near where the bricks were.

The one that's a bit easier to overlook is the pair of Circular Weights. These are hidden in the maze, and it'll just forward a bit and over to the right if you start from the maze entrance Mulan first brought you to. Deliver the Training Treasures to Mulan to score a nice piece of furniture, and you'll finally finish A Defender's Training.