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Where To Find Scrooge McDuck Key In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mother Gothel's quest can be challenging for players to complete. Here's where to find Scrooge McDuck's Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Where To Find Scrooge McDuck Key In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley perfectly interweaves various Disney and Pixar characters' quests to make completing them a cohesive and compelling experience for players. In particular, Mother Gothel's quest tasks players to find Scrooge McDuck's Key. This guide will explain how to complete this challenge by detailing the location of Scrooge McDuck’s Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - How To Complete Mother Gothel Quest

disney dreamlight valley mcduck key mother gothel quest
Scrooge's Key is required to complete Mother Gothel's Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. (Picture: YouTube / Greymane Gaming)

There are many different quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including My Kingdom For a Scroll, by Mother Gothel from Tangled. To unlock Mother Gothel as a playable character, you will need to find the Sun Scroll, which you'll find in Scrooge's possession.

However, Scrooge has placed the Sun Scroll in a locked chest near the Mystical Cave. Therefore, you will first need to find Scrooge's Key to unlock the chest and retrieve the Sun Scroll to complete the challenge.

To do this, you must make your way to the Glade of Trust. Then, locate the Waterfall situated North of the Glade. Afterward, navigate to the right side of the Waterfall, and you will notice three glowing bubbles in the water.

Using your Magic Fishing Rod, pick the golden glowing bubble on the left-hand side of the lake. This is where you can find Scrooge’s Key. Once you’ve found the item, go to Dazzle Beach, where you will discover Scrooges’ Locked Chest.

disney dreamlight valley locked chest mcduck key mother gothel quest
The Locked Chest is buried next to a broken Totem pole in the Mystical Cave. (Picture: YouTube / Greymane Gaming)

As previously mentioned, the Sun Scroll will be locked away in the Mystical Cave. As you make your way to the Cave Entrance, the Locked Chest will be buried next to a broken Totem pole.

Using your Magic Shovel, you can unearth the Locked Chest and pass the items to Mother Gothel, who has accompanied you throughout the quest. Congratulations, you have now completed Mother Gothel's quest.

Tip: If you haven't unlocked the Shovel or Fishing Rod yet, you can learn how to get it in our guide on how to find and use Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Featured image courtesy of Disney / Gameloft via YouTube Greymane Gaming.