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How to Finish Hero Pose in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It'll take a Golden Omelet and a Shiny LeFou to get Gaston prepared for your next big challenge in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Finish Hero Pose in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

As you roll on into the next chapter of Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time, seeking help from Gaston in The Sunken Ruins will task you with finishing Hero Pose to get him prepared. Players will be going back to the Cave of Wonders to seek out ingredients for a Golden Omelet, but that won't quite wrap it up.

With a Shiny LeFou also on hand that'll be necessary to your later quest, there's a good bit of gathering before Gaston will join you in The Sunken Ruins. We've got details below on locations for all the golden ingredients and which resources you'll need to complete Hero Pose in DIsney Dreamlight Valley.

Golden Ingredients Locations in the Cave of Wonders

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-05-03 10-10-25

The first place you're headed is the Cave of Wonders, and there are five different unique ingredients required to cook the Golden Omelet. You'll need the Royal Shovel for all of these, so don't worry about swapping tools trying to topple a larger pile of coins.

Golden Eggs Location

Screenshot _37879_

The first and easiest to find, dig up the pile of coins directly in your path as you enter the Cave of Wonders.

Golden Pepper Location

Screenshot _37881_

Head to the left from your first pile and look for one near the battery in the wall in this first hallway to find the Golden Pepper.

Gemstone Cheese Location

Screenshot _37882_

The next three are through the three doors at the front of this hall. First, head to the right of the main door (to the blue cave) to go in the electrical floor puzzle room. Dig up that pile for the Gemstone Cheese.

Aged Venison Location

Screenshot _37883_

Head back into that main hall and take the door to the left where another light puzzle is located. You can spot in the top corner above, the small pile with Aged Venison is on the lower level in here.

Screenshot _37886_

Lastly, take the middle door into the blue cave. Once inside, head to the right of the exit portal to spot a pile hiding your Golden Milk. With all of these, you can cook the Golden Omelet at any cooking station.

How to Make Shiny LeFou

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-05-03 10-30-01

To wrap up Hero Pose, you'll have to craft Shiny LeFou. The Paints from Rapunzel's Tower are easy to spot in the corner by her easel and crafting table. You also need the following:

  • 5x Bronze Ingot
  • 3x Jade
  • 1x Bumblestone
  • 1x Alexandrite
  • 1x Spinel

Once you've successfully crafted Shiny LeFou, go speak to Gaston to wrap this one up and move on to your next quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in TIme.