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How to Finish The Sunken Ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Continue your A Rift in Time DLC journey with The Sunken Ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Finish The Sunken Ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Following the latest content update, Act 2 of the paid expansion Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time has arrived. The next chapter in this DLC kicks off with Merlin, and you'll be looking to access The Sunken Ruins that have ominously sat near The Docks since A Rift in Time first arrived.

You'll need the trusty Royal Hourglass on hand as you hunt for Flickers and help Merlin gain access to bring you one step closer to The Spark of Imagination. We've got everything you need to know here to finish The Sunken Ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Find Flickers in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After you speak to Merlin and begin The Sunken Ruins, he'll send you out to gather Flickers using the Royal Hourglass unlocked on Eternity Isle. However, the majority of these Flickers aren't going to be on Eternity Isle. First up, head to the Plaza in the main Valley.

Bring your Hourglass and go searching for Hidden Treasure while close by the Wishing Well that greets new Villagers in front of the Dreamlight Castle. You may also find various Hidden Treasure items or some Mist, but just keep looking in that location until you've gathered all 4 Flickers.

Next up, head to the Moana, Ratatouille, or WALL-E realm. You don't have to head to all three, as all three Flickers can be found in any of those locations. Use your Royal Hourglass to find them, and lastly head to Eternity Isle to wrap this step up. Use the Hourglass once more near the Wishing Well just above The Docks, and go find Merlin once you've gathered all 11 Flickers.

How to Complete The Sunken Ruins

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After speaking to Merlin, follow him to the Ancient Ruins on the far west end of The Docks. You'll need to talk to Merlin to trigger the next cutscenes, and it's with the power of your Royal Hourglass that the door to The Sunken Ruins can be restored to something that's actually accessible.

Once inside, you'll notice some Splinters of Fate and a handful of other debris. Much of this can't be removed until you've kicked off a later quest, so worry about clearing things up when that time comes.

Instead, Merlin will simply ask you to head to each of the three chambers inside to take a selfie with what will ultimately be three different puzzles for you to finish. After you've taken the three photos and shown them to Merlin, you'll be given several new quests.

To continue your A Rift in Time journey and unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, you'll first have to now move onto a trio of quests featuring Gaston, EVE, and Rapunzel. As a result, you likely won't be able to continue (or may not be able to finish The Sunken Ruins) until all of them have been unlocked as friends in Disney Dreamlight Valley.