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How To Cook In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Make some delicious meals with our guide on how to cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How To Cook In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking is one of the various activities that players can enjoy when playing the newly released Disney's Dreamlight Valley. With so many dishes you can prepare for yourself and your favorite Disney characters, it's no surprise that many want to know how to start cooking and get in on the cooking fun. 

So if you're interested in knowing as well, then look no further, as this article will show you exactly how to start cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As well as some of the prerequisites you need to meet when getting yourself ready for preparing those delicious meals. 

How to Cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley starting off with getting a stove
So start cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you're going to need a stove. (Picture: Disney)

Cooking in Dreamlight Valley is similar to real life in that it requires players to use a stove. This stove can be accessed in various ways, and once you have access you one you can begin cooking to your heart's content. 

There are currently three ways that you can acquire a stove or at least gain access to one in Disney Dreamlight valley: 

  • Crafting a stove by yourself.

  • Repairing Scrooge McDuck's store and purchasing a stove for yourself.

  • Completing a quest from Mickey Mouse and gaining access to a stove. 

Either of these methods will result in a stove being added to your home and can now be used for cooking. To do this, you'll need to follow the steps we've outlined below: 

  1. Ingredients need to be found to use for your meals and can be gathered, grown, or purchased. You'll also need some Coal to heat your stove.

  2. Interact with your Stove.

  3. Choose a Recipe from the upper-left menu (if desired).

  4. Drag ingredients from the left-hand menu into the pot one at a time.

  5. To prepare the food, click Start Cooking.

Once this process is done, the cooked food will be added to your inventory automatically and you can choose to either continue cooking or you can call it a day. It's also worth noting that if your inventory is full you'll need to drop an item on the floor before you can start cooking. 

How to Cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley getting ingredients from farming and more
Farming is one of the best ways to get as many varied ingredients you'll need for cooking. (Picture: Disney)

Lastly, when it comes to the ingredients you'll be using for your food, you can farm some of the crops you've planted in your garden or around the valley, which is a great idea for consistent ingredients for players who love to cook a lot. Or you can purchase them from Remy or Goofy's stalls, and if you're really in a pinch for a specific ingredient, you can forage for wild ingredients in each zone of the map. 

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Featured image courtesy of Disney.