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How To Remove Tree Stumps In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn how to remove tree stumps and invite Elsa to your valley in the An Icy Invitation quest of Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How To Remove Tree Stumps In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley boasts a slew of exciting quests and puzzles, which can easily keep players entertained for hours. The Spirits of Nature is one such quest that sees players complete a series of tasks and puzzles to unlock Frozen's Anna.

Completing this quest allows players to pursue a new challenge called "An Icy Invitation," tasking them to get rid of mushroom-covered tree stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Fortunately, this is a very easy quest and ends with players inviting Anna's sister Elsa to their Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - How To Remove Tree Stumps

how to remove tree stumps disney dreamlight valley
You must first unlock Anna in the Spirits of Nature quest before you can unlock Elsa. (Picture: YouTube / Hopezera Gaming)

After you have completed The Spirits of Nature quest and invited Anna to your Valley, ensure that you are Friendship Level 2. Otherwise, you will be unable to start the next quest, “An Icy Invitation.”

In preparation for Elsa’s arrival, this quest will task you with breaking mushroom-covered tree stumps that will block the bridge to the Icy Cavern in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To break the tree stumps, you will need a Shovel Blade. If you don't have this item, you can get it by upgrading your Shovel by collecting the following materials: Softwood, Hardwood, Iron Ingot, and Tinkering Parts.

Once you have collected these materials, go to the Crafting Station to upgrade your Shovel to the Shovel Blade. Once you have created the Shovel Blade, the next thing you need to do is navigate to the Forest of Valor.

an icy invitation disney dreamlight valley
Get Anna on Friendship Level 2 and unlock the “An Icy Invitation” quest. (Picture: Disney / Gameloft)

Different sizes of mushroom-covered tree stumps cover this area. Use your Shovel Blade to remove the tree stumps; this will unveil the Icy Cavern. To complete the quest, you must take a picture of the Icy Cavern.

Then, all you need to do is send an invitation to Elsa, and you will have successfully invited her to your Valley. And that concludes our guide on how to get rid of tree stumps in Disney Drealight Valley.

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Featured image courtesy of Disney / Gameloft.