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How To Unlock Anna In Disney Dreamlight Valley

For Frozen lovers, unlocking Queen Anna is a must. Here are all the requirements to unlock Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How To Unlock Anna In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley has Kingdom Hearts written all over it, albeit without the intense lore. Instead, this is an easy-to-play game for casual Disney lovers to interact more with their favorite characters, boasting a variety of realms and plenty of characters to unlock and explore.

One of many playable characters is Frozen's Queen Anna. Unfortunately, you can’t build a snowman in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but you can solve a few puzzles to unlock her. But be warned, there are a series of steps to complete before you can unlock Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - How to Unlock Anna

how to unlock anna disney dreamlight valley
There are several requirements to unlock Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley. (Picture: YouTube / Hopezera Gaming)

To begin unlocking Anna, you will need to progress far enough in the game that you reach “The Spirits of Nature” questline. At the start of this quest, you will enter the Enchanted Forest. Here, you will see Anna surrounded by purple flames; interact with her and find what's troubling her. Afterward, you will be tasked with finding Bruni the Fire Spirit

Anna will then give you Fireproof Gloves; these are optional since you will use the Watering Can in order to extinguish the fire. As you douse the flames in the surrounding area, keep a lookout for a white flash speeding through the grass; this is Bruni the Fire Spirit. Once you’ve picked him up, return him to Anna at the entrance to the Frozen Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

disney dreamlight valley requirements to unlock anna
Use this cooking station to make Stone Soup for the Earth Giant in Disney Dreamlight Valley. (Picture: YouTube / Hopezera Gaming)

Once you have done this, you must follow Anna through the forest; however, your path will be blocked by the sleeping Earth Giant. To wake him up, you will need to make Stone Soup. The recipe for this soup will require 3 Craggy Rocks, 1 Basil, and 1 Oregano. You can make this soup at the cooking station where Anna was first spotted.

Once you have successfully crafted the Stone Soup, navigate back to Anna; the scent of the soup will wake up the Earth Giant, resulting in it leaving the area. However, the path will still be blocked with holes and rocks. As a result, you must use your magic Pickaxe and Shovel to clear the way. 

With the path now clear, you must follow the left path to make your way to Elsa. Again, you'll discover that the track is flooded. You will then have to find the Water Spirit to calm it down. Next, go to the pond directly opposite the raging river and use your magic Fishing Rod to recover Anna’s Engagement Ring.

Removing this from the pond will calm the raging waters, allowing you to pass freely over the bridge. After you return Anna’s ring, you will successfully complete the Spirits of Nature quest. As a reward, you will unlock Anna as a playable character in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Note: You must complete Elsa's quest before inviting Anna to Dreamlight Valley. And that's everything about unlocking Anna.

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