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How to Finish the Inside Out 2 Memory Mania Event in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you wanna get all the Inside Out 2 themed companions, start working on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Mania event before time runs out.
How to Finish the Inside Out 2 Memory Mania Event in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While most eyes have been on the arrival of Mulan and Mushu with the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update, they've also kicked off a limited time and easy to miss Inside Out 2 event. Memory Mania challenges players to find a few specific items scattered around the valley, but chances are you won't stumble upon them unless you know where to look. We've got details here on how to finish the Disney Dreamlight Valley Inside Out 2 event before Memory Mania wraps up.

When does the Disney Dreamlight Valley Inside Out 2 event end?

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If you're worried about getting the limited time Inside Out 2 themed companions, it's best to put your attention on the Memory Mania event right away. Things kicked off when The Lucky Dragon Update deployed, and the Inside Out 2 event will end on July 17, 2024.

While it's not too challenging, it does take some persistence and patience to unlock all the potential companions. The only clear hint of its arrival will be this single letter in your inbox. Most events have had items that spawned outdoors throughout the valley, but this one is specific to a few realms and indoor locations.

How to Finish Memory Mania in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Your ultimate goal for Memory Mania is locating dozens and dozens of specific items that will help complete memories. When each memory is completed, it'll complete one of the above duties under Collection in the Dreamlight tab. Three are for the specific memories, one is for completing all three of them, and lastly the Memorabilia duty is completed by collecting 200 of the three event items you're searching for.

Finishing the blue memory wraps up Feeling Nostalgic and earns you the Envy Rabbit Companion, Feeling Expansive is for the yellow memory and unlocks the Anxiety Squirrel Companion, and Feeling Joyful is the pink memory which gives you the Ennui Raven Companion. Finishing all three of those will also unlock the Embarrassment Turtle Companion, and collecting the Memorabilia gives you a Lance Slashblade Statue.


While searching, you'll find hockey gear, trophies, and birthday cakes. The catch is that only a few copies of any of these spawn at one time, and each can spawn in a few different locations. You'll have to do some regular searching of those spots, and sometimes if you've collected several recently you may simply need to wait and focus on other tasks until they respawn.

Here's all the Memory Mania locations you need:

  • Hockey Gear: Found in Mickey, Goofy, and Merlin's houses. If you're up for rearranging your valley, it's best to place these near the plaza or a fast travel point right next to each other. You can then quickly check them in succession.
  • Trophies: These can spawn anywhere around the Dreamlight Castle or in Scrooge McDuck's Store. Keeping the store and previously mentioned houses near the plaza will also speed up the search.
  • Birthday Cakes: Lastly, the birthday cakes spawn in the Moana, Ratatouille, and WALL-E realms. Again, it's best to check them at the same time. If you pick up an item in any, check all three again before moving on to searching for other items.

The sheer volume of items you're searching for may seem overwhelming at first, but it does go by pretty quickly if you keep at it and jump to other tasks any time you're waiting for items to respawn. Finding each of these either nets you a memory piece or some coins, but even the coin finds will make progress on your 200 Memorabilia goal. While you're at it, don't forget to spend some time working on the Majesty and Magnolias Star Path to snag all the rewards before it ends.