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Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Hidden Requirement Level 8

Here's how to complete the hidden requirements for Wall-E's friendship past level 8 in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Hidden Requirement Level 8

Disney Dreamlight Valley sets you in a world filled to the brim with iconic Disney characters to befriend and work with to restore peace to their land. Some characters such as Wall-E require some extra attention when leveling up their friendship past a certain point and require "hidden requirements" to progress your friendship further.

So if you're struggling or want to know how to achieve these requirements and take your friendship with the adorable Wall-E even further, then you're in the right place. Below you can find the details you need to know to pass Wall-E's Level 8 friendship hidden requirements in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Hidden Requirement Level 8

Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Hidden Requirement Level 8 befriending Wall-E and getting bonuses
Befriending characters like Wall-E and levelling up your friendship with them is a worthwhile endeavour. (Picture: Disney)

Befriending characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley comes with a myriad of benefits to your character, such as boosting the number of items you can farm, getting bonuses for your skills, or just getting some rare and unique items. Wall-E is no exception to this, so it's a given that you'll want to boost your friendship level with him as much as possible.

Once you reach level 8 however, things get a bit tricky, as you're required to complete two "hidden requirements" to progress any further. This might seem confusing at first, but luckily we have the answers for you and while they aren't difficult tasks to complete, they can take some time. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Hidden Requirement Level 8 clearing out Night Thorns
Clearing out Night Thorns is the first step towards passing Wall-E's hidden requirements of friendship levelling. (Picture: Disney)

The first part requires players to hunt around the Valley to find one of Wall-E's memories that will appear when you clear out the Night Thorns from the world. This process can take some time as you'll need to repeatedly clear out the Night Thorns until you find the Wall-E's memory which looks like a green sphere. 

Once you find it, it will trigger the quest called "Broken Memory", which will then require that you go and speak to Wall-E after finding his memory. After this, Wall-E will ask that you come with him back to his home to find a circuit board that he will use to repair a strange device from the previous quest.

You must now proceed to Wall-E's realm by speaking to him in Dreamlight Castle, where you must dig up some dirt to reveal another strange device. After delivering it to him, Wall-E will instruct you to collect 12 Tinkering Parts, which you must then use to repair the device at a Crafting Station, and it will be revealed that it is a memory recovery device.

Now we head on to the second hidden requirement to progress your friendship with Wall-E. You will first need to clear out more Night Thorns until another memory of Wall-E's appears, then speak to Wall-E about it, which will then have you following him to meet Ariel.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Hidden Requirement Level 8 concluding quest with Ariel
After speaking to Ariel you conclude the final quest to pass level 8 of your friendship with Wall-E and bring him out of his shell. (Picture: YouTube / Quick Tips)

After your conversation with Ariel and Wall-E, you will need to collect a Bowling Pin from Goofy's house, a Light Bulb from Wall-E's house, and a Toy Train from Mickey's house. Give all these items to Wall-E and listen to his conversation with Ariel.

This will trigger Wall-E to finally break free from his shell and be the most comfortable and adorable version of himself ever in Dreamlight Valley. This will also push you past level 8 of his friendship and allow you to gain more resources from Wall-E as he harvests food for you and gives you bonus items.

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Featured image courtesy of Disney.