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How To Get Pua As A Pet In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get Pua as a Companion, you’ll need to complete Moana’s “The Search for Pua” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How To Get Pua As A Pet In Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are various pets (also known as Companions) that you can unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For example, some pets that can join you on your adventures include Brown Rabbit, Red Squirrel, White Sea Turtle, and many more. However, the cutest companion would undoubtedly be the adorable little piglet Pua from Moana. In one of her Friendship quests, The Search for Pua, you will need to search for the piglet. In return, you can unlock Pua as a companion -- this guide will explain how you can do it.

How To Complete Moana's The Search For Pua Quest

disney dreamlight valley how to get pua as a pet the search for pua moana friendship quest
Unlock Pua as a companion by completing The Search For Pua quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. (Picture: YouTube / GosuNoob)

To get Pua as a pet, you must complete Moana’s The Search for Pua quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, to begin this quest, you must first increase Moana’s Friendship Level to Level 6. After meeting this requirement, you can follow Moana to her fishing boat on Dazzle Beach.

Once there, you will notice tiny paw prints on the sandy shores near the coconuts. After you find these prints, interact with Moana, and she’ll tell you to track down Pua in the Peaceful Meadow. You will then find paw prints leading to the small pond in the Peaceful Meadow.

Again, you’ll need to interact with Moana. After speaking to Moana, you’ll learn that the little piglet is looking for a bite to eat and will be tasked with tracking him down near Remy’s Restaurant in the Plaza.

disney dreamlight valley the search for pua night thorns forest of valor leader shard
You can find Pua in the Forest of Valor trapped in some Night Thorns. (Picture: YouTube / GosuNoob)

Once you reach Remy’s Restaurant, you will find leftover food outside; speak to Moana, who will instruct you to track Pua in the Forest of Valor. As you enter the Forest of Valor, follow the dirt path leading towards to stairs. Here, you will find Pua trapped in the Night Thorns. Once you free him, you must pick up and give Moana the Leader Shard. 

Once done, “The Search for Pua” quest will be complete. You can then go into your Wardrobe Inventory and select the “Companions” category, where you can find Pua and make him your pet. In a previous guide, we explained how to change pets in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Follow those instructions, and you’ll have the adorable piglet Pua follow you in no time.

And that concludes our guide on how to get Pua as a pet in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We want to thank and credit YouTuber GosuNoob for sharing all the details on how to complete The Search for Pua quest. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Disney / Gameloft.