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How to Finish I've Got a Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you work through Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time, Rapunzel will need some Ruby Masoor Dal and a little help.
How to Finish I've Got a Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

As players work their way through the new quests and characters introduced through Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time, your second friendship quest with Rapunzel will have a whole new group of challenges. Like most of the new friendship quests introduced in this paid DLC, you'll have to continue exploring Eternity Isle and unlocking access to deeper regions of each biome.

Whether you're just looking for that Ruby Masoor Dal recipe or tracking down another material, we'll go over every aspect of I've Got A Dreamlight. Of course, no one knows how to slow down the end of this Disney Dreamlight Valley quest like Gaston.

How to Make Ruby Masoor Dal Recipe

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In order to unlock I've Got A Dreamlight, you'll have to get Rapunzel at least to Friendship Level 4. You also need to progress with Remy, Goofy, and Gaston before this will unlock. When the quest begins, you'll need to speak to Remy and learn about Ruby Masoor Dal.

This is one of many new recipes on Eternity Isle, and it'll require an ingredient only found at Goofy's Stall in the Wild Tangle. You need every single repair and upgrade for the stall, which means a total of 24,000 Star Coins altogether.

Once the stall is upgraded, purchase Ruby Lentil Seeds for your Ruby Masoor Dal recipe. You'll also need Tomatoes from the Dazzle Beach stall and Chili Pepper seeds from the Sunlit Plateau stall.

After you've planted and harvested each ingredient, head to any cooking station to make your Ruby Masoor Dal. After sharing it with Rapunzel, it's time to gather some materials for the next step in her plan.

How to Finish I've Got A Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Rapunzel comes up with a plan to build a creature that Gaston can save her from, but to build that you need several different materials. The easiest to acquire will be 10x Softwood, which drops from trees in Ancient's Landing or most areas of the main valley.

Next, you need 10x Plastic Scrap which can be fished from anywhere without ripples in Ancient's Landing. Finally, you need 2x Scorpion and 3x Piranha, the latter of which will require access to a location you may not have unlocked.

Scorpions can be fished from blue ripples anywhere in the Glittering Dunes, but you need to unlock The Lagoon for 10,000 Mist to get the last piece of this puzzle. When you can head to The Lagoon, bring a fishing companion and search in the orange ripples. If you're having trouble finding them, a little Miracle Fishing Bait might speed things up.

Once you've gathered the materials, return to Rapunzel's tower. With the creature in place, you'll need to speak to Gaston and meet him back at the tower. After he holds you up by insisting on another photo, you need to simply watch and listen and Gaston and Rapunzel talk.

The last stage of this quest will have you following Rapunzel to a surprise location. If you lose track of her for any reason, it's behind the waterfall in Ancient's Landing. The same location you'll have gone to for some of the early EVE quests. Throw the coin into the water, make a wish, and you'll have another Disney Dreamlight Valley quest in the bag.