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How to Get Sulley & Mike Wazowski in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With the Monsters Inc realm finally here, we break down how to unlock Sulley and Mike Wazowski in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Get Sulley & Mike Wazowski in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

A few months after introducing Jack Skellington, the latest free Disney Dreamlight Valley update added a Monsters Inc realm along with the two most iconic characters from that franchise. Players can now add Sulley and Mike Wazowski to their village by completing quests in that new realm.

In order to do that, you'll have to gain access to the Laugh Floor and complete a handful of tasks before they're ready to leave. We've got everything you need to know to unlock Sulley and Mike Wazowski in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Enter the Laugh Floor in the Monsters Inc realm

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-02-28 14-11-34

The first thing you'll need to kick these quests off will be 15,000 Dreamlight to open the Realm Door for the Monsters Inc. realm. If you don't already have enough, spend some time completing Dreamlight Duties and some of the larger collection tasks on the Dreamlight tab. You may want to take a look at the Lovely Monsters Star Path duties, as many of those will align with your Dreamlight Duties and can be completed simultaneously. 

Once the door is open, you'll begin the quest "Escape Claws" and be instructed to examine the door to the Laugh Floor. Once scanned, you'll learn that only Monsters (Employees) are allowed on the Laugh Floor. Search the lockers by the door you entered this realm through, and you'll find a bag with some clothing options.

You can also take this moment to try out the Fantasy Skin tones and Contact Lenses offered, but the only requirement is wearing one of the Monstrous Ears (found under Earrings in your wardrobe) and putting on the Monsters Inc. Hard Hat. Take a selfie with your new look, which did cause a game freeze for us but taking the selfie outside of the Monsters Inc realm after a hard reset progressed things.

How to Make The Wazowski Special & Sulley's Coffee

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-02-28 14-14-02

Once you're on the Laugh Floor, Sulley will ask you for help cleaning up. Use your Royal Watering Can on the Slug Slime Puddles littered around the floor. As for the Party Trash, simply interact with those and you'll stomp away the debris. Speak to Sulley again, and he'll ask you to make them some coffee.

Head to the main entryway where you first arrived and look for the coffee machine shown above. Examine the note to find instructions on each monster's coffee order. Interact with the ingredients to the right and you can browse to collect plenty of Coffee, Sugar, and Non-Diary Screamer.

Once you have some ingredients, use the coffee station to cook the following:

  • The Wazowski Special Recipe: Coffee x1, Sugar x3, Non-Dairy Screamer x1
  • Sulley's Coffee Recipe: Coffee x5

After delivering the drinks to Mike Wazowski, they'll try to power things up only for it to all break down. Sulley tasks you with finding the Emergency Manual, which is located on one of the desks on the Laugh Floor. Take it to Sulley, and he'll finally have a plan to fix things.

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-02-28 14-22-08

To repair the Electrical Panel, you need to gather three fuses. Two are located on desks on the Laugh Floor, and the third is on the toolbox in the far back left corner of the Laugh Floor. Insert them in the Electrical Panel, and then start working on the Power Lines.

You'll need to interact with and move a Laugh Canister Pallet in a few cases, then interact with the Power Lines in each disconnected location to plug them back in. A few more conversations with Sulley, and he'll almost be ready to join your Disney Dreamlight Valley village.

Finish Eye on the Prize to Unlock Mike & Sulley

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-02-28 14-26-41

Mike Wazowski wants to set a proper record before he leaves, so first you'll need to search reception for keycards. The door to the desk area is still locked and out or order, but there's now a note indicating where some tools are at. Head back onto the Laugh Floor and the far corner where you found a fuse to search that storage for tools.

Return to the door, and you can insert the tools to open it. The keycards are located inside the reception area on the desk, and you can deliver them right to Mike once picked up. He'll get a few doors ready to go, but the keycards had no files and Mike needs you to gather some clues.

Enter the door in bay F2 first and look for drawings on the walls. Interact with two drawings and then open the red curtains (between the balloons) to find and interact with the third drawing. When you enter the door in bay F3, take out your phone to take pictures of a few of the decorations around the room until it says you've got all your clues.

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-02-28 14-27-44

The final door in bay F4 will task you with bringing back something physical, and there's a note from the child's mom demanding the room be cleaned up. Interact with trash piles, the last of which should give you a Whoopee Cushion to take back to Mike.

Lastly, Mike Wazowski needs some sodas. There are three vending machines, and each requires something different to access. You can interact with the Red Soda Machine right away, and snag the Red Soda as well as some other treats. Check the wall to the left of the Blue Soda Machine to flip a switch that'll turn it on, and interact with it to grab the Blue Soda and some treats.

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-02-28 14-31-02

Finally, head through the door to the reception area to find the Green Soda Machine. It's broken, but your Royal Pickaxe is here to help. Use the Pickaxe on the machine to pop things loose, and you can interact to grab your final Green Soda and deliver it to Mike.

After a few more conversations, you'll now be able to place Mike and Sulley's home in the valley. Speak to Scrooge McDuck, and for 20,000 Star Coins he'll get everything ready to go.

Sulley will arrive in your village first, and you'll then need to head back to the Monsters Inc realm for Mike. Snap a selfie with Mike Wazowski, show it to him, and he'll finally be unlocked. Speak to Mike Wazowski one final time once he's in your valley to finish Eye on the Prize and begin cultivating your friendships with Mike and Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley.