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How to Finish the Lovely Monsters Star Path in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To reap all the Disney Dreamlight Valley rewards, you'll have to finish all the Lovely Monsters Star Path duties.
How to Finish the Lovely Monsters Star Path in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After dropping a bundle of new content late last year including Jack Skellington as a free update and the first paid DLC release, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Lovely Monsters Star Path has arrived with the latest major update. This limited time event comes with an exclusive rewards track as players work on completing a series of special event duties, and a few of those are tied to a Moonstone purchase to unlock the Premium Star Path. We've got more below on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Lovely Monsters Star Path duties and how to finish them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lovely Monsters Star Path Duties

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-02-28 10-20-38

With Monsters Inc now added to Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Lovely Monsters Star Path has kicked off. This event is set to last for several weeks and currently the Lovely Monsters Star Path ends on Monday, April 15, 2024. By checking for the Lovely Monsters Star Path Duties under Event in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can rack up a unique Laugh Canisters currency that can be spent on Star Path Rewards.

While there is a Moonstone cost to unlocking the Premium Star Path for more duties at one time and a few extra rewards, players will still make some of that Moonstone back during the process of completing the Lovely Monsters Star Path. The exact total isn't yet known, but 1,910 Moonstones are available in the main rewards path and you'll get an extra 90 Moonstones multiple times after collecting all the other rewards.

We've got more details below on all the Lovely Monsters Star Path Duties and how to complete them. Additional duties will be added as they're discovered. A few of the riddles do match up with the Royal Winter Star Path, so if you run into one not listed here you can check our Royal Winter Star Path Duties to see if the solution is there.

"Uproot" the forgetting

Clear out and remove Night Thorns all across the valley. If you're having trouble hitting the numbers, you may just need to wait for more to spawn the next day. 

Break some rocks!

Use your Royal Pickaxe to break rock spots across the Valley or Eternity Isle. Bring along a Mining Companion to snag some extra resources in the process.

Complete Dreamlight Duties

Finish any Dreamlight Duties (or Mist Duties in Eternity Isle) you currently have. If you're still trying to unlock the Monsters Inc Realm Door, Dreamlight Duties are a great way to gather Dreamlight.

Spend time with some classic friends

Hang out with any of the original Disney classic characters for at least 15 minutes. Goofy, Mickey Mouse, and Scrooge McDuck all worked for us, but other villagers may also trigger this.

It's better to give a favorite gift than to receive

Give any villager their favorite gift for that day. You can check this by talking to villagers or looking under Characters in the Collection tab.

Build stuff!

Create any item at the crafting table. One of the easiest options is to craft Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots, but any crafting recipe will count towards your total.

Engage in Goofy's favorite pastime

Catch fish anywhere around the Valley or Eternity Isle. Keep an eye on your Dreamlight Duties, as catching fish in a specific biome pops up often and will let you work towards both at the same time.

Harvest some bright red berries

If you're in the Valley, harvest Raspberries or Gooseberries from bushes. If you have access to Eternity Isle, you can also harvest Strawberries and Cactoberries for this.

Cook meals that would never make the cut at Chez Remy

Cook any meal that's 1-Star or better. This means literally any meal, but the lowest resource cost is probably just using some Wheat for Crackers.

Make small talk

Have a Daily Discussion with any of your villagers. This can only be done once per day per character, so make sure not to use up all your Daily Discussions before you have this duty available.

Earn some Star coins

Collect Star Coins in any way. One of the fastest way to do this is by selling gems, 5-Star Meals, or precious produce like Pumpkins.

Get some very valuable rocks

Gather gems and minerals by mining rock spots anywhere across the Valley or Eternity Isle. Bring along a Mining Companion to speed up this process.

Cross some items off your regal to-do list

Finish any Dreamlight Duties, or for those with access to Eternity Isle you can also complete this by finishg Mist Duties.

Spend time with your favorite trash-compactor robot

For this one, you need to hang out with WALL-E for at least 15 minutes. For players that don't already have WALL-E in their village, you'll have to use his realm door to unlock him. 

Bring your favorite Madrigal some gifts

You first need to have unlocked Mirabel as a villager, and then you have to deliver one of her daily favorite gifts. Only three appear per day, so it will take at least two days to complete this duty.

Work a shift at the restaurant

Head to Chez Remy and get ready to cook for this Lovely Monsters Star Path duty. The meal will vary, so if you can't make what the current guests are asking for, try waiting until different villagers enter the restaurant.

Play "Go Fish" with some bass

Ready your Royal Fishing Rod along with a Fishing Companion to go looking for bass. You can catch them in water without ripples in the Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, or Frosted Heights.

Harvest Maui's gift to the valley

Head to Dazzle Beach (or wherever you've moved them to) and harvest Coconuts from Coconut Trees. If you don't yet have these, you'll need to use the Moana realm to unlock Maui and complete his friendship quests until the trees are added.

Prepare meals with a fruit that's red outside and white inside

Head to any cooking station and make meals with Apples. You should be able to gather plenty of these from the Apple Trees in the Valley.

Have a chat with a demigod

You'll have to unlock Maui as one of your villagers first, and then go talk to him and do your Daily Discussion. You'll need at least two days to finish this task.

Dress up in your Mickey Mouse ears

Go to your Wardrobe and put on a standard Mickey Ears clothing item. There are some versions obtainable in quests for Minnie and others, but this one specifically wants the basic Black Mickey Ears Headband.

Dig for something blue

Take your trusty Pickaxe and go looking for blue gems. In this case, Aquamarine (Dazzle Beach, Forest of Valor), Sapphire (Vitalys Mine), Vitalys Crystal (Vitalys Mine), and Blue Zircon (The Lagoon) all qualify.

Spend time with a tiny chef

Go hang out with Remy as your companion for a full 15 minutes. Once you're hanging out with him, start working on other duties as this one will complete regardless of what you do during that time with Remy.

Give a speedy and sugary princess her favorites

Check with Vanellope in your village after you've unlocked her to see what her daily favorite gifts are. You'll only be able to give three per day at most, so this will take at least two days to complete.

Go angling for some multicolored shrimp

This one is specific to Eternity Isle, and players need to go fishing for Prisma Shrimp in the Wild Tangle. While they can occasionally appear in The Grasslands and The Lagoon, we found Prisma Shrimp are far more frequent in orange ripples in The Grove.

Collect some sandy seafood

Head to Dazzle Beach in the valley to collect seafood littered around the area. Scallops, Clams, and Oysters all count towards your total goal.

Cook some above-average meals

Head to any cooking station and cook 3-Star or better meals. Any kind will do so long as they're 3-Star, 4-Star, or 5-Star recipes.

Chat with the Village's best dealmaker

Find Ursula in your village and have a Daily Discussion. It will take at least two days to complete this.

Get some especially shiny rocks

You need to mine shiny gems of any kind across the Valley or Eternity Isle. If you want to speed the process up, try some Miracle Pickaxe Varnish.

Spend time with the snow queen

Once you've unlocked Elsa from the Frozen realm and added her to your village, go speak to her and hang out. The number on this duty is the duration in minutes you'll need to hang out with her.

Calm a Villager's tantrums with their favorite gifts

Go looking for Donald Duck in your Village, as he's often hiding out at home. He'll only have three favorite things per day, so it'll take at least two days to finish this.

Play "Go Fish" in the Forest of Valor

Take your trust Royal Fishing Rod to the Forest of Valor and go fishing. Bring a fishing companion along to maximize each catch.

Harvest a pungent spice

Bring along a foraging companion this time, and you'll be hunting for garlic in the Forest of Valor. For players who have the A Rift in Time DLC, you can also find garlic in The Grove and The Lagoon.

Cook pretty fancy meals

Head to any cooking station or Remy's Restaurant and cook some 4-Star or better meals until you've hit the quota.

Chat with Mickey Mouse's sweetheart

Have some Daily Discussions with Minnie Mouse, who is unlocked in some of the early game quests with Mickey Mouse. You can only chat with her once per day, so this will take a few days to finish.

Cast your vote in DreamSnaps

So long as you've finished the initial DreamSnaps quests with Vanellope, simply open the pause menu and head to Event then go down to DreamSnaps. Keep voting until you've hit your total and collected all the Moonstones you can.

Go digging for green treasures

Bring along a mining companion for this one, and you'll be hunting for three different gems. Peridot can be found in the Peaceful Meadow, Dazzle Beach, The Grasslands, and The Promenade. Emerald is found in the Forest of Valor or Glade of Trust. Lastly, players can mine Jade in The Courtyard and The Overlook.

Patrol with a Space Ranger

All you need for this one is to spend time hanging out with your friend and companion Buzz Lightyear. If he hasn't already been unlocked in your village, head to the Toy Story realm to fix that.

Catch tentacled seafood

Two seafood qualify here, and first you can catch squid from blue ripples in the Glade of Trust and Forgotten Lands. Secondly, Octopus can be found in blue ripples in Ancient's Landing. 

Harvest fruits that are blue in hue

Blueberries are your most obvious option here, and likely the one you can gather most quickly. Blueberry bushes can be originally found at Dazzle Beach and the Forest of Valor, but players can also plant and harvest Cosmic Figs for this duty.

Cook the fanciest of meals

Only the best will do this time. Cook 5-Star meals of any kind until you've hit the necessary total, and use them as top-notch energy boosters or go offload them to Goofy for some coins.

Chat with your favorite deputy

It's Daily Discussion time again, but this time you need to chat with Woody. Again, you can only do these once per day so make sure to chat with him as soon as possible when the duty pops up.

Submit a photo to DreamSnaps

This will also require finishing the early Vanellope quests, and you'll have to follow the theme to make it work. Take a photo with your phone and press the button to show DreamSnaps, then decorate your area with applicable items until you've got enough to meet the requirements and submit your DreamSnap.

Mine for an orange gem

Bring along a mining companion and go hunting in the Glade of Trust or Sunlit Plateau for some citrine gems. If you have access, players also have the option to mine the Evergem from The Ruins in Ancient's Landing.

Spend time with the king of Pride Rock

For this one, you need to hang out with Simba himself. Just start hanging out as a companion and Hakuna Matata until you've finished the duty.

Give a very grouchy lion his favorite gifts

You need to find Scar for this one, but you can only give him three favorite gifts per day. If you don't have easy access to an item you can try to wait for the next day, but there's always a risk the replacement option could also be a tough acquisition.

Fish for something puffy

If you want this fish, it's time to take your rod to Dazzle Beach. The catch is that it has to be raining, so if it starts to rain it may be time to rush to Dazzle Beach and take advantage. Fugu are found in orange ripples while it's raining at Dazzle Beach, and using Miracle Fishing Bait can help with that.

Pick some fungi

It's mushroom time. Head to the Glade of Trust with a foraging and harvesting companion, and pick all the mushrooms you can find.

Cook a sleeping princess's birthday cake

Head to any cooking station and cook Aurora's Cake. For this, you need one each of Wheat, Sugarcane, Egg, Milk, and any kind of fruit.

Dig for red gems

Mining time once more, and you can snag Garnet, Ruby, or Spinel for this. Garnet are found in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, The Plains, and The Wastes. Ruby are found in Vitalys Mine, and Spinel can be found in The Promenade and The Grove.

Spend time with a bookish beauty

Once again it's companion time, and you need to locate Belle from Beauty and the Beast. You'll have to open her realm door and unlock her if you haven't already. 

Melt an unmelting snowman with his favorite gifts

It's gift giving time with Olaf, which he will of course love. Check his daily gifts, and do your best to deliver them all as you can only do three per day.

Build a Zen Garden

Take yourself to a crafting station and build a peaceful Zen Garden. You'll need 100x Stone, 100x Pebbles, and 200x Sand to craft it.  

Harvest purple from your vegetable patch

There are three vegetable options in this case, with the Eggplant (seeds found in Frosted Heights) being the primary choice for players. If you have access, you can also get Flute Root or Turnip seeds in the Glittering Dunes or Wild Tangle. Of these, Flute Root grow fastest with a growth time of just 1h 15min, so that's the most efficient pick.

Cook something sweet and cold with apples

It's ice cream time, which means you'll need to have upgraded Remy's Restaurant enough to have access to Slush Ice. For this, head to a cooking station and make Apple Sorbet with one each of Slush Ice, Apple, and Sugarcane.

Chat with Belle's beau

You had come conversations with the bookish beauty earlier, but now it's time to speak to The Beast. Find and have your Daily Discussion each day until you've wrapped this duty up.

Dig for some shiny white gems

Only one kind of gem will do this time, Shiny Diamonds. These are exclusively found in the Forgotten Lands, and using Miracle Pickaxe Polish will help increase your odds of finding Shiny Diamonds more quickly.

Hang out with a blue and purple villager

If you're enjoying the new Monsters Inc. expansion already you'll be prepped, as this time you need to have a Daily Discussion with Sulley aka James P. Sullivan. 

Give a magical matron her favorite gifts

Favorite gifts time once more, and you need to be giving them to the Fairy Godmother.

Craft a DJ set to liven up your next celebration

For this Lovely Monsters Star Path duty, you need to craft a Stellar Blue DJ Booth or Stellar Pink DJ Booth. In both cases, you'll need 100x Dry Wood and 50x Iron Ingot. Lastly, gather 10x Pink Hydrangea or Blue Hydrangea and head to a crafting station to make your color of choice.

Be "En garde" when you catch this fish

Unsheathe your Royal Fishing Rod and head to Dazzle Beach. You need to catch Swordfish from orange ripples, which some Miracle Fishing Bait can help with.

Pick the palest of blooms

Any white flowers will qualify here. White & Pink Falling Penstemon in the Plaza, White & Red Hydrangea in Dazzle Beach, White Bell Flower in the Forest of Valor, White Daisy in the Peaceful Meadow, White Impatiens in the Forgotten Lands, White Marsh Milkweed in the Glade of Trust, White Passion Lily in the Frosted Heights, White Bird of Paradise in The Docks or The Courtyard, and finally White Cactus Flower in The Oasis or The Borderlands will count for this.

Cook a fragrant lancetfish dish

It's time for some delicious Lancetfish Paella, which requires one each of Lancetfish, Shrimp, Tomato, Rice, and any Seafood. Not to be confused with the Swordfish, you can find Lancetfish in blue ripples in the Forgotten Lands.

Chat with the best jokester in the business

Last but certainly not least, wrap up your Lovely Monsters Star Path in Disney Dreamlight Valley by having some conversations with Mike Wazowski. Knock out your Daily Discussions and go collect your rewards.