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How to Finish Training Games in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you build a friendship with Mulan, her final challenge will be Training Games, and there's plenty to search for in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Finish Training Games in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

With the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update, both Mulan and Mushu have joined with their own exclusive realm. Once players have managed to unlock each character as part of their valley, the next step is building your friendship with them and working on several friendship quests.

If you're looking to get all of the rewards each has to offer, that means pushing them to Friendship Level 10 and finishing multiple quests. For Mulan, the last of these is Training Games, and we've got details on every step of this Disney Dreamlight Valley challenge.

How to Complete Training Games in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Screenshot _51578_

Before you can gain access to Training Games, you'll need to have leveled Mulan up to Friendship Level 10 and finished all her earlier quests. You also need to have unlocked Mother Gothel, Fairy Godmother, Nala, Buzz Lightyear, and Maui to get access to this quest.

After beginning it and having a chat with Mother Gothel, you'll need to get the following to craft some Mini Flags:

  • 3x Fabric
  • 4x Blue Star Lily
  • 4x Red Bromeliad
  • 8x Dry Wood

You can sometimes purchase Fabric from Kristoff's Stall, or you can craft it using Cotton. The Blue Star Lily grows in the Forest of Valor, the Red Bromeliad grows in the Sunlit Plateau, and Dry Wood can be foraged from trees in the Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, and Forgotten Lands. Once crafted, you'll need to find three different flags tied to three individual quests with Nala, Maui, and Buzz.

How to Melt Maui's Mini Flag

Screenshot _51575_

Maui will give you his Mini Flag, but you then need to gather Mint, Ginger, and two Carrots. Combine all of this and Maui's Frozen Flag into a single meal, and cooking it will melt the flag and allow you to head back to Maui and wrap this one up.

Buzz's Flag Location

Screenshot _51588_

Buzz will tell you his flag is somewhere sunny with trees and bones, and that means the Sunlit Plateau. The exact location may vary game to game, but this was where ours was buried.

Nala's Flag Location

Screenshot _51592_

Lastly, Nala says her flag is in the water somewhere that "smells like salt, fish, and sand." Head to Dazzle Beach and it should be easy to spot the red flag in gold ripples. Fish it out, and you can wrap this one up.

With all the flags, meet back up with Mulan who will point you towards the Mysical Cove at Dazzle Beach. Once you arrive, chat and head to the bottom for a few more conversations and a photo op to finish up Training Games in Disney Dreamlight Valley.