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Where is Mulan's Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

If you spot a locked chest once you enter this new Disney Dreamlight Valley realm, you'll need Mulan's Key to see what's inside.
Where is Mulan's Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley?
GINX/Patches Chance

Now that the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update is here, players can start working on getting both Mulan and Mushu into their village. Once you start exploring their realm, you may come across a single locked chest just begging to be opened. If you're wondering how to gain acces, we'll give you the exact place to find Mulan's Key here.

Mulan's Key Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Screenshot _50195_

Once you first gain access to Mulan's realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll probably stumble acros a locked chest in the camp just next to Mulan's tent. If you try to pop it open, you'll instead get a prompt saying you need Mulan's Key.

On top of that, you actually can't even find Mulan's Key until much later on. If you're just beginning, you'll have to complete every single other quest in the Mulan realm including finding the Training Uniform, The Dragon Army, A Defender's Training, and finally each step of Clearing the Road. The very last thing before you can bring Mushu to your village is to find Mulan's Key, and you can see where it's been dropped below.

Screenshot _50282_

The key spawns at the end of Clearing the Road, and it's by the carts on the far edge of the area where you planted trees and cleaned things up. Just head out the left-hand exit after coming into the main camp entrance, and you'll find the key on the ground.

Return to Mushu with Mulan's Key, and he'll let you know to use it on the chest by her tent. This will grant you a Defender's Sword decoration, and more importantly it finishes this quest and lets you bring Mushu to your village in Disney Dreamlight Valley.