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Dead By Daylight Alien Killer Mori, Power and Perks For Chapter 29

Alien's Xenomorph is now in DBD; here's its power, perks, mori, and more.
Dead By Daylight Alien Killer Mori, Power and Perks For Chapter 29
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Alien's Xenomorph is Dead by Daylight's newest killer, coming to the game in Chapter 29, and with it comes a new power and three new perks - not to mention a survivor and map to boot. This is arguably one of DBD's most exciting chapters to date, and it's definitely one of their biggest licensed IPs of all time. If you're interested in Alien's Xenomorph in Dead by Daylight, read on - we'll give you the rundown on this killer's power, perks, mori, and more.

alien dbd
The Xenomorph can travel in underground tunnels. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight Alien Killer Power

The Xenomorph's killer power is called Hidden Pursuit; it allows the player to travel through tunnels all around the map, much like The Demogorgon. The Xenomorph has a wide array of powers, also boasting a Tail Attack and separate attack mode. Here's its power:

Hidden Pursuit

A series of tunnels become available on the map when the Xenomorph is in play. By accessing a Control Station, it can enter these tunnels to quickly move around the map, detect the presence of nearby Survivors, and speed up the cooldown time of its Runner Mode ability. Exiting a Control Station tags nearby Survivors with Killer Instinct.

Special Ability: Runner Mode

The Xenomorph enters Runner Mode automatically when not on cooldown. In Runner Mode, the Xenomorph walks on four legs and becomes stealthier, reducing its Terror Radius. While in Runner Mode the Xenomorph also has access to a brutal Tail Attack.

Map Feature: Control Stations

Seven Control Stations are scattered across the map. Survivors can interact with these stations to get a Remote Flame Turret, while the Xenomorph can enter and exit the tunnels underneath the Control Stations.

Special Item: Remote Flame Turret

Turrets can be placed in the map to counteract the Xenomorph. When the Xenomorph enters the radius and line of sight of a Turret, the Turret attacks; this attack staggers the Xenomorph and will cause Runner Mode to end. If a Turret successfully knocks the Xenomorph out of Runner Mode or fires for too long, it overheats, and must be repaired by a Survivor. The Xenomorph can attack Turrets to destroy them.

Dead by Daylight Alien Killer Perks

The Xenomorph's three personal perks include:

Ultimate Weapon

  • When you open a locker, this perk activates for 30 seconds. Survivors entering your Terror Radius scream and reveal their position and gain Blindness for 30 seconds. This perk then goes on cooldown for 40/35/30 seconds.

Rapid Brutality

  • You can no longer gain Bloodlust. Hitting a Survivor with a basic attack gives you 5% haste for 8/9/10 seconds.

Alien Instinct

  • This perk activates when you hook a Survivor. You see the aura of the farthest injured Survivor for 5 seconds and that Survivor is oblivious for 16/18/20 seconds.

Dead by Daylight Alien Killer Mori

Of course, the Xenomorph also has its own Mori animation, with a special one for Ellen Ripley. Check it out below:

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