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Alien: Rolumus' Rain Carradine Might Be In Dead by Daylight

Alien: Rolumus' Rain Carradine could be Ellen Ripley's newest DBD cosmetic.
Alien: Rolumus' Rain Carradine Might Be In Dead by Daylight
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Alien survivor Ellen Ripley is set to get a new legendary cosmetic labeled "Rain," known DBD leaker DbdNews suggested in an X/Twitter post. Given its name found in DBD's code, it seems pretty likely that this upcoming legendary cosmetic could be Rain Carradine from Alien: Romulus, the upcoming seventh film in the Alien franchise.

Alien: Romulus is set to release on 16 August 2024, suggesting that, along with the film, the new cosmetic for Ripley could also be coming quite soon.

Currently, there are only three outfits for Alien's Ellen Ripley (one that comes with the Alien DLC, and two in the in-game store), and none of them are Legendary; instead, they're all Ultra Rare sets. This would make the new legendary cosmetic Ripley's first, and Carradine would also be the first Alien survivor to join the game aside from the iconic Ripley herself.

If Ellen Ripley's new legendary cosmetic gives players the opportunity to play Rain Carradine, it'd follow the game's trend of using legendary cosmetics to reskin the survivor into another character, even changing their name in the lobby. For example, legendary cosmetics for Silent Hill 3's Cheryl Mason can turn her into Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland, as well as Silent Hill 1's Cybil Bennett and Lisa Garland, to name a few. 

It's possible that Rain Carradine could even get her own voice lines and model in Dead by Daylight, but, for now, nothing is confirmed by Behaviour Interactive quite yet regarding the possible new skin. While the information comes from data in Dead by Daylight's files, everything we know about the Ripley's "Rain" cosmetic is still speculation from leakers and is subject to change.

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