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Anti Face-Camping Measures Coming To Dead By Daylight Soon, Devs Say

Anti-face camping measures are coming soon to Dead by Daylight, say the game's developers.
Anti Face-Camping Measures Coming To Dead By Daylight Soon, Devs Say

Dead by Daylight developers are working on implementing measures to eliminate face-camping, Behaviour Interactive told GINX TV prior to the 7th-anniversary livestream. The details of the upcoming are still up in the air, and there's no specific mention on the Year 7 Roadmap, but this will definitely be an exciting change for much of the community. Most players consider the strategy to be toxic, and the issue has been a topic of discussion in the Dead by Daylight community for years.

dead by daylight face camping
Dead by Daylight's anti-face camping measures will combat a strategy that many consider to be toxic. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

What is Face Camping?

Face-camping is when a killer hooks a survivor, and then stands directly in front of the hook to prevent other survivors from saving them. There are some ways survivors can situationally counter this approach from the killer, but, often, the best strategy is to simply complete the generators while the killer wastes their time standing in front of the hook. While the survivors might be able to win the game this way - getting at least 3 survivors out - it's no fun for the survivor on the hook, and it doesn't require much skill on the killer's part.

Face-camping is an even more efficient strategy using killers like The Cannibal, who can use his chainsaw to immediately and easily down any survivors who might try to come to save their companions.

How Will Developers Combat Face Camping In Dead by Daylight?

Update - More details have just been revealed on the 7th Anniversary Livestream. We'll update this section with more specifics shortly.

Developers have already revealed some information about how they plan to counter the common strategy. When a killer stands near a hook, survivors will have a meter that fills up over time. That meter will stop entirely if more than one survivor comes into the radius. The closer the killer is, the faster it fills up. Once the meter fills up, the survivor can unhook themselves at any point - even if they've already hit the second hook stage.

The update will go live during the May  23 PTB.

Following Behaviour Interactive's announcement of the upcoming anti-face camping measures during Dead by Daylight's 7th anniversary live stream, it's likely that we'll hear more information about the changes in the coming months, so keep an eye on those updates and patch notes.

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