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Behaviour Interactive Finally Addresses Cheating In Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight is taking steps to counter cheaters in the game after popular streamers like Otzdarva have brought attention to issues with hacking and cheating.
Behaviour Interactive Finally Addresses Cheating In Dead By Daylight

A few weeks ago, popular Dead by Daylight streamer Otzdarva released a video titled "DBD is becoming really unfun to stream," in which he describes the many run-ins with hackers and cheaters he has while in-game, as well as his feelings about his future with the game.

This started a conversation throughout much of the Dead by Daylight YouTube community, and many responses to Otzdarva's original video were uploaded. Three days later on Sept 22, Behaviour Interactive put out a response of their own. Here's everything you need to know about how Dead by Daylight is addressing hacking going forward.

Latest News

In Dead by Daylight's final Developer Update of the year, Behaviour Interactive released further information about the steps they have taken and will continue to take to combat cheating in the game.

The list of completed fixes included the following:

  • Prevented cheaters from hooking themselves
  • Prevented generators from being instantly powered
  • Prevented cheaters from starting a match with 2 Killers
  • Prevented cheaters from stacking duplicate Perks & Add-ons
  • Prevented extended flashlight blind durations
  • Reduced maximum length of matches to prevent extraordinarily long matches
  • Added countermeasures to force the match to end after the End Game Collapse
  • Added countermeasures to prevent player sniping
  • Fixed an issue that could allow cheaters to crash the game

Developer say these fixes have been "effective" and have "limited the number of cheaters for the time being." There are additional vulnerabilities, developers say, that will be patched in the following weeks.

Dead By Daylight Ban Update

In addition to the technical updates to prevent cheating, Dead by Daylight has also extended the length of its bans to take even more preventative measures against bad behavior.

The length of bans will now be as follows:

  • First strike: 48 hours (was 24 hours)
  • Second strike: 1 week (was 48 hours)
  • Third strike: 1 month (was 1 week)
  • Fourth strike: Permanent (unchanged)

"Toxicity has no place in our game," said Community Manager Mandy in the Developer Update. "We hope these increased durations will both discourage players from spreading toxicity in the first place, as well as give them more time to reflect on their behaviour afterwards. As a reminder, cheating will result in an immediate permanent ban."

Dead By Daylight Addresses Cheater Problem

200,000 cheaters banned, 50,000 so far this year alone.
Dead by Daylight devs describe their game as having "zero tolerance for cheaters".(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

In an official post on the Dead by Daylight forum, linked on Dead by Daylight's Twitter, Community Manager 'Peanits' describes all of the ways that Dead by Daylight currently addresses cheating:

  • Automated Bans: Dead by Daylight works with Easy Anti-Cheat to track and catch known hacks and cheats and automatically bans associated users.
  • In-game countermeasures: The game itself is constantly being updated in ways that make it more difficult to cheat, while also lessening the effects of undetected hacks.
  • Manual Bans: Using the in-game report system, players can manually report any cheaters they see that have bypassed the anti-cheat software.

Although these measures sound good on paper, Dead by Daylight continues to be a fairly safe environment for hackers. Looking to change that, the DBD devs released their loose timeline and medium-term plan to solve the hacking problem.

What's Next With Anti-Cheat?

Behaviour's Roadmap to Improvement
Behaviour gives players a loose timeline for fixes, going into early 2023. Image: Behaviour Interactive

Coming up this fall, there are several new anti-cheat measures being put into Dead by Daylight. Peanits describes a series of updates coming that will prevent hackers from forcefully joining the lobbies of streamers and other players, and lessen the maximum amount of time that matches can last after the endgame collapse has ended, as well as in total. They also mention a plan to implement server-side validation.

The post also states that further along into the future, in the first quarter of 2023, there will be several updates to the in-game report system, as well as a long-awaited update that will tell players if cheaters that they have reported have been banned or not.

Along with these updates, Behaviour also promises to give more consistent updates regarding cheaters and anti-cheat measures, and that the changes listed here aren't the end of what Behaviour has in store for hackers.

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight tips, guides, news, and leaks, be sure to check out our dedicated category!

Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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