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Can You Date The Trickster In Hooked On You?

In Hooked On You, The Trickster makes a handful of appearances throughout the game. This guide will help you find out if you can date him.
Can You Date The Trickster In Hooked On You?

Who knew serial killers and inhuman beings would be such a massive hit as a rom-com dating simulator? Well, that's the premise of Hooked On You, a twist on the massively-influencing horror game, Dead by Daylight; however, instead of running around smashing Generators, Mori-ing survivors, and protecting Hexes, it's all about getting into a relationship with your favorite killer.

There are various routes to pick whether you enjoy spending time with The Trapper or The Huntress; there's an avenue for anyone. Although some choices can be pretty straightforward in finding the correct route for a certain killer, this guide will teach you whether you can date the Trickster and get him "Hooked On You."

Is It Possible To Date The Trickster In Hooked On You?

Choices are prevalent throughout Hooked On You, depending on whom you want to date. The right decisions will play according to whichever route ideally fits you ending up with your sexy killer. 

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Hooked On You is a dating simulator featuring characters from Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

On some occasions, routes are unlocked based on feats like finding a secret easter egg, performing certain acts in a route, and even completing all of them. You have four killers for whom you'd like to date in Hooked On You: The Huntress, The Trapper. The Wraith, and The Spirit.

Beyond that, some characters like Dwight and Claudette appear occasionally. One killer who's not a part of the quad-squad you can date is The Trickster, who shows up across the game with short dialogues.

He arrives just as fast as he leaves and merely serves as a side character. But is there any way you can date The Trickster?

The Trickster is a side character in Hooked On You.
The Trickster is a side character in Hooked On You. (Picture: YouTube / Grave)

As of writing, the answer is no, as The Trickster is just an additional character serving to spice up storylines or possibly interrupt your romantic time with your favorite killer. There isn't any secret trick to make him love you, nor can you interact in any other manner than friendliness.

But don't fret; although Hooked On You seems like a one-time game concept for Dead by Daylight developers, if the game proves to be more of a success than initially thought, The Trickster might be a possible character to date in the future. 

As with any dating simulator, DLC updates will introduce new routes, storylines, and even characters to fall in love with. So there's a chance of getting The Trickster hooked on you,

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / DStrike.

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