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Dead by Daylight Hooked On You: Who Are The Killers?

Dead by Daylight's Hooked on You will feature some of fans' favorite killers from Dead by Daylight. Here's who they are and how do they differ from their counterparts in the main game.
Dead by Daylight Hooked On You: Who Are The Killers?

Dead by Daylight surprised its player base during the 6th-anniversary stream by announcing a Dead by Daylight dating simulator called Hooked On You, coming to Steam this summer. 

Not all of the original Dead by Daylight killers are going to make an appearance in the upcoming dating simulator, though, leaving some fans to wonder who are the killers that appear in Hooked On You.

In this article, we'll go over which Dead by Daylight killers will appear in Hooked On You so you can see if your favorites are included, and how they'll be different from the main game. 

Dead by Daylight Hooked on You killers

Dead by Daylight Hooked on You Killers
Four of the original Dead by Daylight killers will be featured in the Hooked On You dating simulator. (Picture: Psyop/Behaviour Interactive)

The following four original killers will be featured in the Dead by Daylight dating simulator, Hooked on You.

  • The Trapper (Evan MacMillan)
  • The Huntress (Anna)
  • The Wraith (Philip Ojomo)
  • The Spirit (Rin Yamaoka) 

Like most Dead by Daylight spin-off content, Hooked On You won't feature licensed characters like Michael Myers or The Ghost Face. 

While the killers keep most of their defining traits - such as Huntress' and Trapper's iconic masks and Spirit's ghostly appearance - Hooked On You is non-canon, so the characters take on some quirky personality traits they don't hold in Dead by Daylight. 

Psyop, who is collaborating with Dead by Daylight's developers Behaviour Interactive to develop Hooked On You, recently updated the game's site with descriptions for each of the killers included.  

Who are the killers in Hooked On You?

Dead By Daylight Hooked on You The Spirit
While all of the killers in Hooked On You are similar to their Dead by Daylight counterparts in appearance, they hold many differences in personality. (Picture: Psyop/Behaviour Interactive)

The four killers included in Hooked On You - The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith, and The Spirit - each has a unique, non-canon personality in the dating simulator, according to the Hooked On You site

The Trapper is an "apex alpha male and chiseled man-mountain who enjoys killing in caves, beaches, and pools."  The Huntress, meanwhile, is described as a "lovable squirrel-eating lady." The Wraith is the sensitive, inquisitive one, with The Spirit as - you guessed it - the ghostly goth girlfriend who loves horror novels.

With character descriptions like these, Hooked On You is sure to have a sense of humor and casual feel to it that separates it from the main Dead by Daylight game developed by Behaviour Interactive. Still, with the characters' inherent strangeness, Hooked On You still maintains the fun, creepy elements from the Dead by Daylight game. 

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Featured image courtesy of Psyop/Behaviour Interactive. 

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