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Dead By Daylight - Ada Wong Lore Explained

Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil Project W is coming, and Ada Wong is one of the Survivors. Here is everything we know so far about her lore.
Dead By Daylight - Ada Wong Lore Explained

Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight Project W brings Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers into Dead by Daylight's ominous Fog. But how did these Resident Evil characters end up in the purgatory that is Dead by Daylight's endless trials in the first place?

Recent lore by the Dead by Daylight team seeks to answer that question before Project W is released on live servers on 30th August 2022. Here is everything we know about Ada Wong's lore in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight - Ada Wong Lore

ada wong dead by daylight
Ada Wong's lore in Dead by Daylight seems to take place during the events of Resident Evil 4. (Picture: Capcom)

Albert Wesker's lore in Dead by Daylight leads us to believe that his entry into the game's Fog takes place during the events of Resident Evil 5. But this doesn't mean all of the other Resident Evil characters in Dead by Daylight come from the same time (or even the same game, for that matter); instead, the Entity takes characters from various periods of time.

For example, the four members of The Legion come from the '90s. Contrary, The Oni and The Spirit come from centuries ago. It's certainly not unheard of for two characters from the same timeline to come from different times in the Fog, as strange as that may be. However, unlike Wesker, Ada Wong's lore implies that she entered the Fog during the events of Resident Evil 4.

ada wong dead by daylight lore
Ada Wong is described as an enigma. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

"While investigating Los Illuminados, she was captured and nearly killed in a ritual sacrifice," the official lore explains. "But in the end, she escaped and was never seen again." In Resident Evil 4, Los Illuminados is a religion that worships Plagas, a type of parasite.

Ada Wong sought to investigate Los Illumados and the Plagas' worshippers. After being captured, she managed to escape her captors - but not the Entity, apparently, as she ended up being taken into Dead by Daylight's Fog to participate in its trials endlessly.

Wong is further described as an enigma in nearly everything she does, with her identity shrouded in mystery. So now you know Ada Wong's lore in Dead by Daylight and how she fits in with other characters in the Fog.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.

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