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Dead By Daylight - How To Get Adept Mastermind

Are you a Dead by Daylight achievement hunter? Here is how to get the Adept Mastermind achievement in Dead by Daylight so you can earn the trophy and add it to your collection.
Dead By Daylight - How To Get Adept Mastermind

The adept killer achievements in Dead by Daylight require you to use only the character's own three unique perks while earning a Merciless Killer result. This can be challenging depending on the killer, and you might have to adapt your strategy according to each killers' unique perks.

Here is how to get the Adept Mastermind achievement in Dead by Daylight as quickly as possible.

How To Get Adept Mastermind

wesker dead by daylight
Using Wesker's three unique perks can be a challenge, but they have their own great advantages. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

To get the Adept Mastermind achievement in Dead by Daylight, you'll need to equip The Mastermind's three unique perks.

The Mastermind's three personal perks are Awakened Awareness, Superior Anatomy, and Terminus.

It doesn't matter if your perks are Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3, but in order to equip three perks, you'll need to level up The Mastermind to level 10.

In order to get the Adept Mastermind achievement using Wesker's perks, you'll need to earn the Merciless Killer end-game screen. In other words, getting four kills is not enough to get Adept Mastermind; you'll need to perform well enough to get decent Emblems in all four categories: Brutality, Deviousness, Hunter, and Sacrifice.

How To Get Merciless Killer As The Mastermind

resident evil project w albert wesker
To earn the Adept Mastermind achievement, you need to earn Merciless Killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Wesker's power allows him to catch up in chase quite easily thanks to his ability to fast vault over pallets, so use his power in chase to gain both Deviousness and Hunter points. Superior Anatomy can also help you earn more Hunter points, allowing you to gain on survivors more quickly.

For Brutality points, you'll need to injure survivors and break objects; break walls, generators, and pallets as you go in order to rack up Brutality points.

The Sacrifice category is self-explanatory; sacrifice survivors to The Entity for more points. Only hooks count toward this score, so avoid using a Mori, letting survivors bleed out, or letting survivors die on first hook.

You'll usually need to kill either three or four survivors, as well as playing well throughout the match, to earn Merciless Killer. You may do well but not well enough to earn Merciless, so give it a few tries and don't give up!

Using these strategies to do well in all four Emblem categories will help you earn Merciless Killer as Albert Wesker, The Mastermind, in Dead by Daylight.

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