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Dead By Daylight Chapter 26 - Everything We Know So Far

Information about Dead by Daylight Chapter 26 has been leaked by reliable data miners. Here's everything we know about the chapter and its characters.
Dead By Daylight Chapter 26 - Everything We Know So Far

Lots of information has leaked about the next Dead by Daylight chapter, Chapter 25, suggesting that it will be the next Resident Evil chapter that developers have been calling "Project W." The project will include characters from the iconic horror game franchise Resident Evil.

But what about Chapter 26? With more information set to release about Chapter 25 soon, many fans are already curious about the characters and perks from Chapter 26.

In this article, we'll go over the leaked information about Dead by Daylight Chapter 26 and make some guesses about the chapter's content, including characters and perks.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 26 Leaks

Dead by Daylight leaks The Knight
The Knight will come with Chapter 26, according to leakers. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Not a lot of information is known about the upcoming Chapter 26, but known data miner and leaker DBDLeaks on Twitter says they believe the chapter will be an original one.

The chapter will feature an unknown survivor, as well as a killer known as "The Knight." No information is known yet about The Knight's perks or ability, but it's interesting to think about how developers could incorporate medieval themes into the game.

Some existing characters come from the recent and distant past, from The Legion, a group of teens from the '90s, to The Twins, Charlotte and Victor, who lived in seventeenth-century France.

Dead by Daylight's versatility of characters in its roster - both original and licensed - is a huge strength for the game, and The Knight will likely only add to that diversity.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 26 Release Date

Dead by Daylight roots of dread
Dead by Daylight: Roots of Dread is the game's most recent chapter, having been released in June 2022. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight developers have yet to announce a release date for Chapter 26 or Chapter 25, but we can infer the rough release date of Chapter 26. Dead by Daylight releases a new chapter every 3 months.

Chapter 24: Roots of Dread was released on 7th June 2022, meaning that Chapter 25 will likely be released in early-to-mid September.

This would set the release date of Dead by Daylight Chapter 26 somewhere around January 2023.

For more information about Dead by Daylight updates - particularly on the Resident Evil Project W - as well as the other games Behaviour Interactive is working on, be sure to tune in to the Behaviour Beyond live stream on 3rd August.

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight news, guides, leaks, tips, and tricks, be sure to check out our dedicated category.


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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