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Dead by Daylight Community Choice event - Festivities, results, more

Dead by Daylight's Community Choice Event will debut on 31st May. Here's everything fans need to know.
Dead by Daylight Community Choice event - Festivities, results, more

The month of Dead by Daylight's anniversary begins in June 2022, and countless festivities will no doubt come with it as they do every year. To get players excited for what's to come, Behaviour Interactive has announced a Dead by Daylight Community Choice Event that will take place from 31st May 2022 to 7th June 2022. The result of the vote was announced on 31st May.

Here are all of the fun events that will take place as well as all of the active bonuses so you can join in on the festivities!

Dead by Daylight Community Choice Event (June 2022)

Dead by Daylight Ormond
Certain maps will be boosted throughout the duration of the event. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

As we previously reported, Behaviour Interactive posted a survey that allowed players to choose a number of benefits that would go live during the Community Choice Event.

This event is unique in Dead by Daylight history as it is the first-ever event to allow player input on what will be included.

Dead by Daylight Community Choice Event bonuses

Mr. Puddles cosmetic
Certain cosmetics, including The Clown's Mr. Puddles cosmetic, will be on sale during the event. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

Players chose the following bonuses to be active throughout the event: 

  • Double Player XP
  • Daily login rewards: "Lots of Bloodpoints" (500000 BP/2500 Shards/10 RF) 
  • Boosted rates for maps: Coal Tower, Wreckers' Yard, Dead Dawg Saloon, Ironworks of Misery, Mount Ormond Resort, and Gas Heaven
  • Sale on cosmetics: Mr. Puddles (The Clown), Baba Yaga (The Huntress), Graff-Crafter (Nea Karlsson) and more

Players were also able to choose the Shrine of Secrets for the week of 31st May to 7th June. The new Shrine of Secrets will go live during the afternoon of 31st May and players will learn which four perks rose above the rest.

The daily login rewards will be spread out throughout the event, with players receiving varying amounts of Bloodpoints, Shards, and Rift Fragments each day. Players will receive 100,000 Bloodpoints just for logging in on 31st May.

Dead by Daylight player input survey

During the Community Choice Event, developers are also trying something new by allowing players to take a player input survey featuring some pretty incredible rewards.

This survey will require players to play 7 different matches and report back with their feelings on each one, including how many Bloodpoints they earned, whether they had fun and the killer's perceived skill level compared to their own.

Completing the survey will result in a reward of 300,000 Bloodpoints and 1,000 Iridescent Shards. Both PC and console players will be able to participate.

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight tips, guides, news, and leaks, be sure to check out our dedicated category!


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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