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Dead by Daylight May 2022 community events and bonuses

Dead by Daylight has a number of community events planned for May 2022, check out all the details here.
Dead by Daylight May 2022 community events and bonuses

Dead by Daylight's horror-filled Fog offers its survivors and killers some great goodies throughout the year during events. May is a great month for events and bonuses in Dead by Daylight; since the anniversary event is coming up next month, Behaviour Interactive is hyping up fans with some unique events for May 2022.

Here's what's in store for Dead by Daylight players for the rest of May 2022, and how you can get in on the action.

Community Choice Event

Dead by Daylight shards bonus
Players will be able to choose from a variety of bonuses that will be active for the first week of June 2022. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

For the first time ever, Behaviour Interactive is offering Dead by Daylight fans the opportunity to choose a number of events that will take place in the game through a Community Choice Event.

This survey, which went live 23rd May, empowers players to vote for a number of bonuses that will come to the game starting 31st May and ending 7th June. Players will have the following options in each category. Fans will only be able to choose one option for each category.

  • Community Bonus:
    • Double XP
    • Double Rift Fragments from XP
    • Double Daily Ritual Rewards
  • Daily Login Rewards:
    • Lots of Rift Fragments (350000 BP/1500 Shards/40 RF) 
    • Lots of Bloodpoints (500000 BP/2500 Shards/10 RF) 
    • A nice balance (350000 BP/2500 Shards/20 RF)
  • Shrine of Secrets
    • BBQ & Chilli, Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, We're Gonna Live Forever, Borrowed Time
    • I'm All Ears, Monitor & Abuse, Boon: Shadow Step, Blast Mine
    • No Way Out, Discordance, For the People, Head On
    • Pop Goes the Weasel, Infectious Fright, Dead Hard, Iron Will
    • Tinkerer, Corrupt Intervention, Self-Care, Decisive Strike
Players will also be able to choose which perks will fill next week's Shrine. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

Players can pick two maps that will appear more frequently during the Community Choice Event. The maps are split up into two categories; one category is for maps that are generally considered "killer-sided," while the others will likely benefit survivors more.

Lastly, you'll be able to pick from three different potential sales, two of which contain a Legendary costume. Each potential sale would feature 10 different costumes, including both killer and survivor cosmetics.

Community Outfits

The Legion's Never Stop Slashing cosmetic will now appear in the Store, along with a few other outfits. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

May 2022's events are focused around the community, so a few community outfits will be released and go on sale during this time.

The cosmetics Freestyle Claudette (Claudette Morel) and Never Stop Slashing (Frank Morrison - The Legion) will now be available for players to purchase in the Store for 21,600 Iridescent Shards each.

These items were previously only available as past Rift rewards, meaning that until now, they were unobtainable for new players.

From 23rd May to 7th July, Mr. Puddles (The Clown) and Demon Slayer (Feng Min) will be on sale for 21,500 Iridescent Shards each.

May 2022 Bloodhunt (2x BP)

From 24th May 11 am ET to 31st May 11 am, a Bloodhunt will be active.

During the Bloodhunt, players will receive double (2x) Bloodpoints for each match they play, regardless of whether they play killer or survivor.

This is a great time to save up some Bloodpoints and prepare yourself for the upcoming Anniversary Event, which will also feature a number of huge bonuses.

Now that you know all of the events planned for Dead by Daylight for the rest of May and early June, you'll be able to make the most of your games and join in on the fun.

For more Dead by Daylight tips and guides as well as updates on events as they're announced, be sure to check out our dedicated Dead by Daylight category for more!


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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