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Dead by Daylight
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Dead by Daylight is getting Resident Evil DLC in June

Resident Evil will crossover with Dead by Daylight, but who’s the killer?
After getting Silent Hill DLC last year, gaming’s biggest horror franchise Resident Evil is heading to Dead by Daylight.

Announced during the Resident Evil Showcase, The Resident Evil Chapter will be the next DLC for the assymetric multiplayer title — which has pulled in crossovers across Stranger Things, Halloween, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more.

It’s unclear at this point what characters will feature however, with each bundle typically consisting of survivor characters and a killer who hunts them.

More information about The Resident Evil Chapter will arrive on Dead by Daylight’s 5th anniversary celebration on 25th May.

This chapter will follow the recently added All-Kill DLC, which took a slight deviation from the norm with a K-pop inspired theme for The Trickster.

This wasn’t the only announcement in the Resident Evil Showcase, with Resident Evil 4 VR unveiled for Oculus Quest 2, along with a new look at Resident Evil Village.

Dead by Daylight’s The Resident Evil Chapter will release in June.