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Dead by Daylight's Haddonfield map receiving major updates

Dead by Daylight's notoriously Survivor-sided Lampkin Lane Haddonfield map is set to receive some much-needed updates.
Dead by Daylight's Haddonfield map receiving major updates

Dead by Daylight's Haddonfield realm, comprised of just one map called Lampkin Lane, has had a poor reputation in the Dead by Daylight community since its release with the Halloween chapter. Several issues with design have caused players to struggle with the map's tiles, causing frustration mainly for Killer players thanks to the map's confusing houses.

As a result, Behaviour Interactive announced in the 5.7.0 PTB Patch Notes that Haddonfield will be receiving a major graphical rework in the next update. Here's what players need to know about the new Lampkin Lane and how its reputation may change with the update.

Haddonfield graphical updates - Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive released official teasers of the new Haddonfield. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

Players were able to access the new Lampkin Lane during the Public Test Build from 6th April to 12th April 2022 before it is officially added to the game.

Killers and Survivors quickly realized that the map took on more than just a graphical update; the tiles have been completely reworked, creating a different experience.

Popular Dead by Daylight streamers such as Otzdarva have stated that they believe the map is more balanced, creating a more fair and fun trial for both sides.

"The new Haddonfield is awesome. It looks really, really good," Otzdarva said during a stream before going on to further praise the map's fresh design, pointing out that Killer mains will likely have an easier time with it.

The graphical updates to Haddonfield come with changes to the Killers Ghost Face and The Legion as well, providing them with updates to their powers and add-ons that will make them more viable for modern play.

Behaviour Interactive has not stated when these changes will go live for all players now that the PTB is over, but updates usually come three weeks after the PTB ends.

Haddonfield's bad reputation in Dead by Daylight

Many players have felt Haddonfield is unbalanced since its release. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

The Haddonfield realm has long been regarded in the Dead by Daylight community as somewhat of a joke due to its tendency to favour Survivors, prompting the changes.

Generators inside houses make it hard for Killers to find Survivors working on them, and when they do find them, the Survivor can often jump out of a window to safety.

"Haddonfield gens are so hard to hear and see. I have to check on each house like I'm a landlord," YouTuber Tatooti joked.

Some tiles around the map were once what players call "infinites," meaning they could be run by an experienced Survivor infinitely no matter how the Killer played.

These tiles were eventually patched, but they were so notorious among players that they remain a stain on the map's reputation in the community for both beginner and veteran players alike.

Even with the "infinites" removed, Haddonfield remained a bad map for Killers - especially beginners - because Survivors could easily lose line of sight from the Killer around the map's many houses, granting them safety.

Haddonfield's main houses have been reworked. (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

Hopefully, the updates will change the map's reputation, making it fairer overall for Killers and more fun for Survivors. To this point, it seems the community and most streamers are happy with the upcoming changes.

That's all you need to know about the updates to Dead by Daylight's Haddonfield map! Check out our Dead by Daylight category for more related news. 


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.