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Dead by Daylight Prime Gaming April rewards - How To Link Your Account

Dead by Daylight has partnered with Prime Gaming to release their monthly April content drop. Here's what's inside and how to link your accounts.
Dead by Daylight Prime Gaming April rewards - How To Link Your Account

Each month since December 2021, Behaviour Interactive's Dead by Daylight has partnered with Prime Gaming to release exclusive items. Past items have included cosmetics for The Artist, The Ghost Face, Jake Park, and Dwight Fairfield.

The April drop, though, isn't a cosmetic for a single killer or survivor; it's an item anyone can wear. Dead by Daylight's April Prime Gaming reward, available for players to claim from 11th April to 10th May 2022, is a shiny Pot O' Gold charm.

Here's how players can get a Pot O' Gold charm of their own, how to pair Dead by Daylight with Prime Gaming, and what players are saying about the new charm.

Dead by Daylight Prime Gaming Reward: How To Get Pot O' Gold Charm

Kate Denson with Pot O' Gold charm
Players can equip the Prime Gaming Pot O' Gold charm on both killers and survivors. (Image: Banned by Daylight on YouTube)

Players can follow these simple steps to obtain the Pot O' Gold charm in-game:

  1. Create a Prime Gaming account using your existing Amazon login and details
  2. Head to the Loot Grab page
  3. Click the “Claim Now” box
  4. Launch Dead by Daylight 
  5. Select the STORE menu, navigate to the FEATURE tab 
  6. On the top right, select REDEEM CODE 
  7. Enter your code

Players will then receive a small notification at the bottom of their screen notifying them that they have received the charm.

The Pot O' Gold charm is a universal charm, meaning it's available for both killer and survivor players to wear. Survivors will sport the Pot O' Gold on their hip, while killers can show off the charm on their hooks. 

Players' reactions to the Pot O' Gold charm

Players' reactions to the new Pot O' Gold charm have been mixed, with some players frustrated that the charm seems to have been intended for a St. Patrick's Day release. Others were hoping for another cosmetic rather than a charm.

"Wow amazing in game 'content'... Another charm to add to the collection of worthless charms," Reddit user Stardust736 said.

Still, some players enjoy that charms add an element of customization to Dead by Daylight, and were excited to see the addition of another one. 

"Straight up -  a charm's a charm. I’ll rob a bank for that thing lol," Pranserdanser2 joked. 

Some players have noted that the charm is particularly bright with its glowing rainbow, so survivor players who wear stealth cosmetics may have trouble blending in upon equipping the charm.

That's all players need to know about Dead by Daylight's April Prime Gaming rewards, how to get them, and what fans are saying.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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