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Dead by Daylight 6th anniversary information leaked

Dead by Daylight's annual anniversary celebration is coming in June, and some dataminers already have the early scoop on what's to come.
Dead by Daylight 6th anniversary information leaked

Dead by Daylight throws an anniversary celebration every June, so naturally, players are excited to hear about the potential festivities for 2022.

While Behaviour Interactive has yet to officially announce any information about the event, Dataminer Leaks by Daylight has released potential information about the upcoming 6th-anniversary celebration, including new characters, maps, and events.

Leaks by Daylight has been correct about releases in the past; for example, they predicted the release of both the Hellraiser and Resident Evil chapters weeks in advance.

Dead by Daylight - 6th Anniversary Challenges and Events

The 6th-anniversary event will allow players to engage with other players in exciting challenges and interact with new items.

Community Challenges

Dead by Daylight 6th anniversary challenges leak
Unlike past times, the 6th-anniversary tome may include Community Challenges. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

According to Leaks by Daylight, the 6th-anniversary event will feature a new mechanic called "Community Challenges." With these challenges, the Dead by Daylight team will set a goal and players will need to work together to achieve it. 

For example, the following Community Challenges may be in the tome:

  • Succeed at Skill Checks or Break Generators 10,000,000 times as Community.
  • Safely unhook or hook 1,400,000 Survivors as Community.
  • Drop pallets while being chased by the Killer or break pallets 2 000 000 times as Community.
  • Be chased by the Killer or chase Survivors for 1,100,000 seconds as Community.

Upon completing Community Challenges, the community can receive special awards, including a skin for the new survivor.

Individual Challenges

The anniversary event will also bring new individual challenges within the tome, allowing players to earn Bloodpoints and other awards for completing them on their own.

The following challenges will be among those present in the tome:

  • Collect "Invitation" object 3 times.
  • Hook on Anniversary Hooks 4 times
  • Interact with Green Glyph 1 time.
  • Repair Anniversary Generators 3 times.

Event Items

Dead by Daylight 6th anniversary items
The 6th-anniversary event items may mimic past event items like the BBQ Invitation. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Along with brand new Community Challenges and individual challenges, the event will bring 'Invitation' items to the map. Both killers and survivors can interact with these items to gain Bloodpoints.

It is currently unknown whether these items will have any secondary effect.

Dead by Daylight - 6th Anniversary Characters

With each new chapter comes new characters, and the 6th-anniversary chapter will likely be no exception. According to Leaks by Daylight, this anniversary chapter will come with both a killer and a survivor. 

The survivor's name will be Haddie Kaur, an Indian physic investigator. The killer's identity has yet to be released, but they will be able to enter and exit lockers, something other killers have never been able to do.

It is unknown whether the killer will be a licensed character, but the game does not typically pair original survivors with licensed killers and vice versa.

That's all we know so far about Dead by Daylight's 6th-anniversary celebrations. Because the information comes from leaks, it is subject to change at any time.

If you want to know when more information is released about the 6th-anniversary event or just want to delve into some gameplay tips, keep an eye on our Dead by Daylight category.


Featured image courtesy of Leaks by Daylight.

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