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Dead By Daylight Project W - Which Resident Evil Characters Have Voice Lines?

Dead by Daylight has collaborated again with Resident Evil, and this time, its characters will come with a plethora of voice lines.
Dead By Daylight Project W - Which Resident Evil Characters Have Voice Lines?

The upcoming Dead by Daylight Project W chapter is a collaboration with the iconic horror franchise Resident Evil. It’s the second time the two horror icons have paired up, and developers promise that the second chapter will be better than ever.

Not only does Dead by Daylight Project W include the new killer Albert Wesker, also known as The Mastermind, and new survivors, Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong, but it will also come with a revamp of older Resident Evil characters. Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine will both receive remodels.

Perhaps the most exciting development of all is that almost all the Resident Evil characters will have voice lines of their own, even the survivors.

Here are all the Resident Evil characters who will receive voice lines in the upcoming Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight Project W. 

Dead by Daylight Project W - RE Character Voice Lines

albert wesker dead by daylight
Albert Wesker will receive voice lines, along with most of the Resident Evil survivors. (Picture: Capcom)

Numerous characters, both killer and survivors, will receive voice lines in the upcoming chapter, according to known Dead by Daylight data miner DBDLeaks.

The voice lines were revealed in early August in a video posted by DBDLeaks. 

The video shows that the following characters will receive voice lines:

  • Albert Wesker
  • Ada Wong
  • Rebecca Chambers
  • Leon S. Kennedy
  • Jill Valentine
  • Claire Redfield
  • Chris Redfield
  • Carlos Oliveira

It's unknown when the survivors will say these voice lines, but some of them will likely be said in the lobby, while others will be said in-game during interactions such as unhooking or working on a generator together.

It seems that each survivor has unique voice lines for interacting with other Resident Evil characters, too; for example, Ada Wong has the following voice lines:

  • "Be prepared, Leon."
  • "It's like a Raccoon City reunion..."
  • "Leon, I'm counting on you."

Resident Evil Character Voice Lines

You can check out the leaked voice lines for every character here:

The only Resident Evil survivor character not mentioned to have voice lines is Sheva Alomar, who will reportedly be added as a legendary skin alongside Carlos Oliveira.

Though her voice lines were not included in the leak, they may be added upon the chapter's release.

Adding these voice lines would mark the first time a survivor has in-game voice lines in Dead by Daylight, though Evil Dead’s Ash Williams has lobby quips. 

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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