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Dead By Daylight PTB Bug Distorts Character's Face, Leaves Players In Stitches

Dead by Daylight's Public Test Build (PTB) patch saw Silent Hill's James Sunderland look hilariously distorted and unlike himself.
Dead By Daylight PTB Bug Distorts Character's Face, Leaves Players In Stitches

Dead by Daylight has had its fair share of mishaps and bugs that have broken the game over the years. To prevent bugs from breaking live servers, Dead by Daylight developers Behaviour Interactive tests its patches on a Public Test Build (PTB), where players can try new features before it makes it to millions of players.

With the next massive patch introducing more Resident Evil characters to Dead by Daylight’s roster of villains and ghoulish beings, bugs have not been the only thing bringing horror to the game. Redditors recently shared their hilarious encounters on the latest patch to debut in Dead by Daylight’s PTB, showing Silent Hill Survivor James Sunderland looking like he’s been through enough hell in the game.

Dead by Daylight PTB Bug Distorts Faces And Models

Dead by Daylight's latest bug distorts character's faces and models.
Dead by Daylight's latest bug distorted the faces and models of in-game characters. (Picture: Behavior Interactive)

The latest patch in Dead by Daylight features Resident Evil’s conniving and evil Albert Wesker as the Killer, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers as the upcoming Survivors approaching live servers. Besides that, the PTB patch debuts various stat changes affecting multiple game characters. But that’s not all the updates that came within Dead by Daylight.

Redditors have gone online to Dead by Daylight’s main Reddit page to post their hilarious finds of a new bug distorting Silent Hill character James Sunderland’s face. The character usually looks very broad-shouldered, tall, and brave. But in the latest patch, he looks exhausted and silently writhing in agony.

In a Reddit post, a user called “Starshot” posted some images of their games while playing as James Sunderland. They said the Silent Hill character “hasn't been looking so hot this PTB.”

Another Redditor named “TheGreatRelate” showed their find of James Sunderland, but instead of a wonky-looking face, the Survivor had the body model of a female Survivor.

Some Redditors commented, noting the Survivor should be named “Jeryl” for looking like James but with Cheryl Mason’s body model. Cheryl is another Silent Hill character in Dead by Daylight.

Although hilarious for Dead by Daylight players, other players have seen the bug affect other Survivors like Leon S Kennedy. Luckily for those playing on live servers, this bug will undoubtedly be patched up by Behavior Interactive before the Resident Evil patch debuts outside the PTB. So players need to bare with it for a bit longer.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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