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Haunted By Daylight: How Do Haunts Work?

How do Haunts work during Haunted by Daylight? Here's all the details for survivors and killers.
Haunted By Daylight: How Do Haunts Work?
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

During Dead by Daylight's Halloween event, players can venture into the game's terrifying Void Zones and release Haunts, the lost souls of survivors and killers who are devoid of all hope. Releasing those Haunts can bring you numerous benefits for your team, and even allow you to set up traps against the opposing team.

In this guide, we'll explain how Haunted by Daylight's Haunts work, and how players can use them in and out of Void Zones to their advantage.

Haunted By Daylight: How Do Haunts Work?

dead by daylight haunts
Players can interact with Haunts only in Void Zones, until they're Released. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Both survivors and killers who enter a Void Zone will be able to interact with Haunts, releasing them from the Void. Releasing a Haunt saps your Void Energy in exchange for numerous bonuses. (Survivors get Haste, Endurance, 20% bonus Action Speed, and a 50% refill of their item; Killers get Haste, Undetectable, and 20% faster Action and Cooldown speed.)

Once a Haunt in the Void Zone has been Released, all players will be able to see the auras of the Haunt around the map. Depending on whether the killer or survivor released the Haunt and which party interacts with it, a different interaction will occur. Survivors interacting with their own Haunts will get a bonus, and likewise for killers, while interacting with the opposing team's Haunts will grant you a little debuff.

Here's a look at how Haunt interactions work during Haunted by Daylight:

  • Survivor Approaches Survivor Haunt: Haste speed boost
  • Killer Approaches Survivor Haunt: Temporary Hindered status effect
  • Killer Approaches Own Haunt: Haste speed boost
  • Survivor Approaches Killer Haunt: Jumpscare occurs, with the camera locking onto the Haunt, and temporary Hindered status effect

Once a survivor or killer interacts with a Haunt in the trial, it will disappear.

Haunts might seem like a complicated gameplay mechanic, but thankfully, this year's gameplay surrounding them is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Just focus on collecting Void Energy and depositing it in the Void, and you'll naturally earn bonuses.

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