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How To Counter The Hag In Dead By Daylight

Here is how to counter The Hag in Dead by Daylight so you can win more trials against this Killer.
How To Counter The Hag In Dead By Daylight

Killers in Dead by Daylight take on many different styles of killing. For example, there are the silent, stalking types like Ghost Face and Michael Myers, the loud, terrifying types that rely on map pressure like Nemesis, and the more strategic types like Trapper. The Hag stands out as she is not really a stealth Killer, nor does she apply pressure by intimidating Survivors with her terror radius.

Instead, like Trapper, she uses her traps to create a web of terror for Survivors. Specifically, she can teleport between her traps when they are triggered, catching them off guard. It can be challenging to know how to counter a good Hag player, whether you're new to the game or you've been playing for a while. So to help you out, we've created this guide to help you counter The Hag in Dead by Daylight.

Best Way To Counter The Hag In Dead by Daylight

dead by daylight hag counters
The Hag can teleport to her traps to ambush Survivors. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Keep An Eye Out For The Hag's Traps

The first and most important thing to remember when going against The Hag is that good players will hide their mud traps in bushes and other dark areas on the ground, making it easy for you to step in them without realizing. Therefore, to prevent being caught off guard by The Hag, you should always keep an eye out for her traps on the ground and take no risks. If you're unsure if an area might contain a trap because an obstacle obscures your vision, try crouching through the area to guarantee safety.

Use Flashlights To Burn The Hag's Traps

If you bring along one of the best items in Dead by Daylight, a Flashlight, you can use your Flashlight to burn The Hag's traps if you see them on the ground, rendering them useless to her. A Flashlight is one of the best counters to The Hag since once you Flashlight her traps, they completely disappear. Of course, you won't have time to Flashlight burn traps while you're looping The Hag, so if she places one to try to zone you out of an area, don't waste time trying to destroy it right then and instead try to get to another loop.

the hag dead by daylight crouch counter traps
You can crouch through The Hag's traps. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Crouch Over The Hag's Traps

If you can't destroy The Hag's traps, you should avoid triggering them as you cross over them. This prevents her from teleporting to them and thus severely limits her ability to use her power. Thankfully, avoiding triggering The Hag's traps is as simple as crouching over them.

Additionally, if you bring along a helpful Survivor perk like Urban Evasion against The Hag, you can maneuver the map effortlessly and quickly without worrying about alerting the Killer by unknowingly stepping into one of her traps. That's all you need to know to counter The Hag in Dead by Daylight, from Flashlighting her traps to knowing exactly when to trigger them.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.