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How To Use Flashbang In Dead By Daylight

Here's how to use a flashbang in Dead by Daylight so you can make the most of Leon S. Kennedy's best teachable perk.
How To Use Flashbang In Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight has many different items, ranging from flashlights used to stun the Killers and med-kits to patch yourself up to the flash grenades made by Leon S. Kennedy's Flashbang perk. The flash grenades introduced in the Resident Evil Project W Chapter are perhaps the most unique items in the game because Survivors can manually craft them at will rather than finding them in chests.

Let's take a deeper look at how the Flashbang perk works in Dead by Daylight and how you can use Leon S. Kennedy's flash grenades to make a quick move on The Mastermind or any Killer you go up against.

What Is A Flashbang In Dead By Daylight?

dead by daylight leon jill resident evil flashbang
Resident Evil's Leon S. Kennedy brought the Flashbang perk with him into the fog, allowing him to stun and blind killers without a flashlight. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Flashbang is one of Leon S. Kennedy's teachable perks in Dead by Daylight. Flashbangs can be used to create a flash grenade, which can be thrown on the ground to distract and stun the Killer. The perk description in-game is as follows :

  • You've adapted to a world in chaos and making what you can from the debris.
  • After completing 70/60/50% progress on any generator, Flashbang activates.
  • Enter a locker while empty-handed and press the Active Ability Button 1 to craft a flash grenade.
  • One charge.
  • Detonates with a loud bang and flashing light.
  • Creates a noise notification.
  • Can be used to distract or blind.
  • You leave the flash grenade behind when escaping the trial.

"Flashbang" is also commonly used to refer to the item that can be crafted using the Flashbang perk, but interestingly, it is actually called a "flash grenade."

How To Use Flashbang In Dead By Daylight

Using a Flashbang in Dead by Daylight requires just a few steps. First, you'll need to ensure that you have equipped the Flashbang perk; this is unique to Leon S. Kennedy unless you earn it as a teachable perk on other Survivors before you begin the trial. Next, you need to go through these steps to use the flash grenade against the Killer, whether playing against The Nurse, The Clown, or any of the game's other 28 Killers.

Here's a quick guide on how to use the Flashbang perk in Dead by Daylight:

  1. Equip Flashbang and any other perks you may want to use in your Survivor build and begin the trial.
  2. Complete 70/60/50% on a generator, with the amount depending on the perk tier.
  3. Enter a locker while empty-handed and press the Active Ability button.

Congratulations, you've now crafted a Flashbang! Now you can use your flash grenade by throwing the item on the ground in front of the Killer at any time to blind or stun them; note, though, that any Survivors in the vicinity will be blinded, too!

Flashbang Tips And Tricks In Dead By Daylight

While the mechanics of creating and making a flash grenade in Dead by Daylight are pretty simple, there are some tips and tricks veteran Survivors use to ensure that they get out of this item.

When using Flashbang in Dead by Daylight, try using these tips and strategies:

  • Distractions - Flash grenades can blind and stun the Killer, but they can also be used as a clever distraction. If the Killer is chasing a vulnerable Survivor, toss a flash grenade to make a loud noise notification at your location, and get prepared for a chase!
  • Locker Saves - Flashbang can make a last-second locker save if you time it right. Just wait until the Killer pulls the Survivor out of the locker, then toss the flash grenade on the ground to stun the Killer and set the Survivor free.

That's all you need to know about how to use Leon S. Kennedy's Flashbang perk in Dead by Daylight. Now craft some flash grenades and stun some Killers as you take this knowledge into your next trial!

dead by daylight leon jill flashbang
Apply these tips and tricks for using the Flashbang in Dead by Daylight to make the most of the item. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

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