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Dead By Daylight Ikumi Nakamura Cosmetic Collection Coming Soon

Ikumi Nakamura and Dead by Daylight are teaming up on a cosmetic collection, amidst Behaviour's many other collabs.
Dead By Daylight Ikumi Nakamura Cosmetic Collection Coming Soon

Prolific video game designer Ikumi Nakamura is teaming up with Dead by Daylight to create a cosmetics line for the game, coming very soon. The cosmetics will feature outfits for The Legion, The Oni, and survivor Yui Kimura. During Dead by Daylight's 7th-anniversary stream, Behaviour Interactive introduced the new collection along with showcasing some concept art for the upcoming outfits. Artist Ikumi Nakamura is known for her work on The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo, as well as running her own video game studio.

Dead By Daylight X Ikumi Nakamura Cosmetic Collection

Ikumi will be contributing three outfits as part of this latest Dead by Daylight collection, with each featuring a character that resonates strongly with the studio's Japanese fanbase.

This includes an outfit for The Oni, one for Susie of The Legion and one for the survivor, Yui Kimura. Here's a bit more info on each outfit, courtesy of Dave Richard, Dead By Daylight's Creative Director.

The Oni 'Blind Revenge' Outfit: "Inspired by a fusion of the characters backstory, plus a mass murder that occurred in Japan. Where a killer saw himself as a saviour on a twisted Mission. For the Oni, he continues to feed his bloodlust until a candlelight on his head, finally goes out."

The Legion's 'School Gang' Outfit: "Inspired by the Sukeban. A Japanese girl schoolgang, delinquents who form teams and fight other groups."

Yui Kimura 'Dark Racer' Outfit: "Inspired by Akumi's own love of motorcycles. Yui is our motorcycle gang leader. So, Ikumi felt this resonated with her and wants us to make the ideal survivor outfit. Something that would maximize mobility to help them escape."

Here's a look at all of the cosmetics that will be included in the Ikumi Nakamura collection:

We don't yet know how much these cosmetics will cost or what their in-game rarity will be; if they're legendary cosmetics, you'll likely be looking at a cost of 1080 Auric Cells. It's unlikely that fans will be able to purchase these outfits with Iridescent Shards.

For now, that's all we know about the Ikumi Nakamura collection coming to Dead by Daylight.

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