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Maurice The Horse Dead By Daylight Leaks And Tome 14 Lore

Maurice The Horse in Dead by Daylight has gotten lots of attention recently. Here's what you need to know.
Maurice The Horse Dead By Daylight Leaks And Tome 14 Lore

Recent leaks suggest that Dead by Daylight's upcoming Tome 14, starting in January according to the Year 7 Roadmap, will contain new cosmetics and lore for Forged in Fog characters Vittorio Toscano, The Knight, and... Maurice? Fans were confused to see the horse's name among the list of Tome 14 characters, but sure enough, that's what sources are saying.

So who is Maurice the Horse in Dead by Daylight anyway, and why is everyone talking about the animal's disappearance? In this article, we'll take a deeper look at the lore behind Maurice, including the animal's disappearance involving The Dredge and the upcoming appearance in Tome 14.

31 January 2023 - Maurice The Horse Is Back!

Behaviour Interactive announced the return of Maurice the Horse today in the 6.5.1 bugfix patch! Maurice will be available for players to visit again on the Father Campbell's Chapel map - and to celebrate, Behaviour is giving players boosted first-match bonuses for the rest of the week!

Who Is Maurice The Horse In Dead By Daylight?

maurice dead by daylight clown disappeared
Maurice belongs to The Clown. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Maurice the Horse is a demonic non-playable three-eyed horse hidden in the back of Father Campbell's Chapel map in Dead by Daylight. Maurice belongs to The Clown, one of Dead by Daylight's 30 killers.

Fans quickly took a liking to Maurice after he was added to the game in update 2.0.0, as the creature is one of the only live creatures players could interact with on any of Dead by Daylight's maps and stands out drastically from its surroundings.

Since the creation of the Father Campbell's Chapel map, Maurice hung out behind the clown caravan, lying down and occasionally drooling blood; that was, until the horse mysteriously disappeared, much to fans' dismay.

Maurice's Disappearance From Dead By Daylight

dead by daylight the dredge maurice killer
Players believe that The Dredge may be responsible for the death or disappearance of Maurice. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Maurice the Horse disappeared from the Father Campbell's Chapel map after the Roots of Dread update on 7th June 2022, and fans quickly took notice. After his disappearance, fans began to speculate that the reason for his disappearance was linked to the new Killer The Dredge. Maurice - or another horse nearly identical to Maurice - can be spotted hanging out of the creature's inky darkness.

The Dead by Daylight team posted a mysterious leak to their Twitter account two days later, on 9th June 2022. The Tweet contained a photo of a missing poster showcasing a messily-drawn drawing of Maurice and a missing sign mentioning a lost horse.

While the leak is certainly vague, it confirms that Maurice is missing - but it also gives fans hope that they might be found and that The Clown's beloved three-eyed horse could return to the circus caravan one day.

Maurice In Dead By Daylight Tome 14

We'll likely hear a lot more about Maurice, including what happened to the animal and its relation to The Dredge, in the upcoming Tome 14, given that the animal is one of the featured characters for the tome. We'll have to sit and wonder what happened to our favorite demonic friend from the Entity's realm until we hear more about the character's lore the next time.

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