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Dead By Daylight Tome 14 Leaks: Characters, Rift Cosmetics, More

Dead by Daylight's Tome 14 is coming soon with brand-new lore, cosmetics, and more. Here's all you need to know.
Dead By Daylight Tome 14 Leaks: Characters, Rift Cosmetics, More

As Dead by Daylight's Bone Chill event, Rift 13, and Tome 13 come to an end, fans are already anticipating the release of Tome 14: Betrayal later this month. Tome 13 was one of the game's most well-received releases since the game's debut in 2016, featuring various licensed Ghost Face masks in its reward tiers as well as costumes for popular original characters like Mikaela Reid.

Tome 14 is set to release later in January, according to the Dead by Daylight Year 7 roadmap, and we can only hope that it will go over as well as the last one. Here is what we know so far about Tome 14, including details about its characters, lore, cosmetics, and other information.

7th February 2023 - We've updated this article with all of the newest lore, leaks, and information surrounding the upcoming Dead by Daylight Tome 14!
7 February - Tome 14: Level 2 Opens Today!

Tome 14 Level 2 challenges are available to play starting today!

24 January - Tome 14: Betrayal Starts Tomorrow!

Tome 14 will start on 25th January at 08:00 PST/11:00 EDT/6:00 GMT, according to the DBDNews Discord calendar. This means the new Tome will likely kick off tomorrow morning!

23 January - Tome 14: Betrayal Coming Soon

Dead by Daylight Tome 14 is allegedly coming soon, according to a Tweet from Behaviour Interactive. The 14th Tome will be called "Betrayal." The Tweet is accompanied with a graphic showcasing the main characters from the Tome, The Knight and Vittorio Toscano.

Dead By Daylight Tome 14 Characters

maurice dead by daylight horse
Maurice, The Clown's horse, will be one of the characters involved in Dead by Daylight's Tome 14. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight dataminer DBDLeaks posted a graphic showing the characters included in Tome 14 to their Twitter account in October 2022.

The characters in Tome 14 include Vittorio Toscano, The Knight, and Maurice. The additional characters who will receive lore in the Tome and cosmetics in the Rift include Feng Min and The Huntress. 

While it makes sense that we will see the new characters from the Forged in Fog chapter in this upcoming Tome, it remains to be seen how Maurice will be involved. Maurice is not a playable character, but instead a horse that once belonged to The Clown.

huntress dead by daylight tome 14
The Huntress and Feng Min will be additional characters in Tome 14. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Maurice was visible on the Father Campbell's Chapter Map as part of the circus caravan from the day the map was released until the release of The Dredge in June 2022, when he was mysteriously removed. Fans then began to speculate about the horse after he was spotted as a part of The Dredge's model, suggesting we might hear more about the lore involving this fiasco in Tome 14.

While the information is not official, DBDLeaks has accurately leaked the characters involved in past tomes months before their release, including those in Tome 13. We'll keep this article updated as we hear more information about the characters, lore, and cosmetics that we expect to see in the next tome.

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