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When Is The Next Dead By Daylight Blood Rush? - Dates, Bloodpoints, More

Let the Blood Rush begin in Dead By Daylight. Here's when fans can expect the next Blood Rush to take place.
When Is The Next Dead By Daylight Blood Rush? - Dates, Bloodpoints, More

Dead by Daylight holds several seasonal events throughout the year, many of which are accompanied by a Blood Rush, Blood Hunt, or even the ever-exciting Blood Feast. These events are great sources of Bloodpoints for beginner players and veterans alike, but with so many different Bloodpoint events in Dead by Daylight, it can be confusing as to what each one means.

If you're wondering how many Bloodpoints you can expect to rake in during this next event, we're here to help you keep track of the next Blood Rush in Dead by Daylight, as well as explain all of the different types of Bloodpoint events that are held throughout the year.

1 May 2023 - We've updated this article to reflect everything we know so far about the next Blood Rush coming in Dead by Daylight!

When Does The Next Blood Rush Begin In Dead By Daylight?

bloodrush dead by daylight
Dead by Daylight holds several Blood Rush events throughout the year. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The last Blood Rushevent in Dead by Daylight took place from 4 April to 11 April 2023. We can expect that the next Blood Rush will take place sometime in June or July 2023, likely to celebrate the game's anniversary.

Blood Rushes often take place during events like the winter Bone Chill event, which came with some bonuses of its own through the Event Archives. Players could take advantage of events while they are going on to earn some Bloodpoints fast!

However, Blood Rushes are sometimes announced quite randomly, only sometimes accompanying events. After this last Blood Rush, it's unknown when we will see another one, but we'll likely hear news of another Blood Rush, Blood Hunt, or even Blood Feast (we can hope!) again in the next few months.

What Is A Blood Rush In Dead By Daylight?

A Dead By Daylight Blood Rush is an in-game event in which players can earn boosted Bloodpoints. During a Blood Rush, players earn 1.5x Bloodpoints per match they play. The bonus applies to both killers and survivors.

The Bloodpoint bonuses offered to players during a Blood Rush can be coupled with Bloodpoint perks and offerings to maximize your earnings.

What Is A Blood Hunt And Blood Feast In Dead By Daylight?

blood hunt dead by daylight
In Dead by Daylight, Blood Hunts usually coincide with events. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

A Blood Hunt in Dead by Daylight is basically a boosted Blood Rush. During a Blood Hunt event, players earn double (2x) Bloodpoints per match they play.

During a Blood Feast, players can earn as much as triple (3x) Bloodpoints per match! There has only ever been one Blood Feast in Dead by Daylight's history, during the 2017 Anniversary Event.

How Long Does Blood Rush Last In Dead By Daylight?

In Dead By Daylight, a Blood Rush usually lasts anywhere from a week to two weeks.

Blood Hunts grant more Bloodpoints, but usually only last for four days.

The only Blood Feast lasted a total of four days during the Anniversary Event.

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