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Dead By Daylight Scorching Summer BBQ 2023 Event: Start Date, Rewards, More

Dead by Daylight's Scorching Summer BBQ event is coming back. Here's what we know.
Dead By Daylight Scorching Summer BBQ 2023 Event: Start Date, Rewards, More
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight's Scorching Summer BBQ event is back in 2023! The game's developers let GINX TV know during a press briefing ahead of the 7th Anniversary livestream

The special Summer event first took place back in 2018 and did not return again until this year, with Behaviour instead focusing on making other events filled to the brim with new content over the years instead (notably the Anniversary, Halloween and Bone Chill winter event).

Let's take a look at what the Scorching Summer BBQ event looks like in 2023 when fans can expect it to start and end, its rewards, and how they compare to the 2018 version of the celebration.

summer bbq dead by daylight
The 2018 Scorching Summer BBQ event offered 2 cosmetics for players to earn. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

DBD Scorching Summer BBQ 2023 Start And End Dates

The Scorching Summer BBQ begins on 3 August 2023. The event will end on 17 August 2023. This means

DBD Scorching Summer BBQ 2023 Event Gameplay

During Dead By Daylight's Scorching Summer BBQ, players can interact with frozen margarita machine generators and grill hooks to complete event challenges and earn progress towards cosmetic rewards, as well as Bloodpoints and Rift Fragments.

DBD Scorching Summer BBQ 2023 Rewards And Tome

The Tome rewards this year include Jake Park’s Lucky Stroll and The Clown’s Hot Dog Cook outfits.

Players can earn the following exclusive charms for completing Scorching Summer BBQ challenges: 

  • Margarita
  • A Killer Sauce
  • King of the Grill

Players can also earn a series of daily login rewards throughout the event.

grill hooks dbd scorching summer bbq
Killers can hook survivors on Grill Hooks to earn Tokens during the event. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight Scorching Summer Event 2018

During the last Scorching Summer BBQ event, there were lots of ongoing festivities, ranging from challenges to free cosmetics, to in-game decorations. Some generators turn into Frozen Cocktail Machines, while hooks became Grill Hooks.

Developers also introduced the BBQ Invitation offering, which would cause more Frozen Cocktail Machines and Grill Hooks to spawn. For both survivors and killers, completing Frozen Cocktail Machines or hooking opponents on Grill Hooks respectively gives you Tokens.

You could then spend 50 Tokens each to purchase the two available cosmetic rewards, which included the Pro-Pain Hammer for The Hillbilly and Kate Denson's Free Song Bird Slip Dress.

That's all for Dead By Daylight's 2023 Scorching Summer BBQ event, including when it begins and ends, what players can expect in terms of gameplay, and rewards.