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5 Stranger Things Characters We Want In Dead by Daylight

Stranger Things might be returning to Dead by Daylight with new characters.
5 Stranger Things Characters We Want In Dead by Daylight

The Stranger Things chapter is returning to Dead by Daylight but with a new chapter in the way, it's possible it could return alongside potential new characters. With Season 5 of Stranger Things also on the horizon, many fans (including GINX) are wondering what the new content Behavior could include if they dipped back into the Upside Down.

Stranger Things has an abundance of characters, killers, and maps that could be added to DBD's eerie fog. So here are our top 5 picks for Stranger Things characters - both survivors and killers - who we'd love to see added to Dead by Daylight.

5 Stranger Things Characters We Want In Dead by Daylight

1. Joyce Byers

Joyce Byers could make an incredibly interesting Dead by Daylight survivor, given her major role in the Stranger Things series and her dedication to her son, Will. Byers is a very altruistic person and would do anything for those close to her, and her perks could reflect these aspects of her personality, allowing her to protect and save teammates.

2. Robin Buckley

With Steve Harrington already suffering through Dead by Daylight's trials, it seems fitting that his best friend, Robin Buckley, would join him there. Given Harrington's Scoops Ahoy costume and its popularity, it's possible that Buckley could get a matching one, given that she works there alongside him.

3. Eddie Munson

Eddie Munson is a fan-favorite Stranger Things character, and he'd be a perfect survivor for Dead by Daylight. As a non-conformist, Munson would suit those who enjoy maining survivors like Jeff Johansen. His perks could lend themselves to risky situations and chaotic gameplay, similar to Nicolas Cage, given his outgoing and eccentric personality.

4. Jim Hopper

If Joyce Byers did enter the fog, it'd likely be alongside her romantic interest, Jim Hopper. While Byers is Will's parent, Hopper plays a parental role to Eleven, whom he adopts. Hopper is not only a dedicated father figure but also a persistent, smart, and strong individual, giving Behaviour plenty of room to play with his perks. 

5. Vecna

A new Stranger Things chapter wouldn't be complete without a killer, and who better to fit that role than the iconic Vecna? Vecna is aligned with the Upside Down and is one of the major antagonistic characters in Stranger Things' fourth season. His curse is terrifying, and, with his wide range of powers, Vecna's skillset could prove for an interesting ability as a killer in Dead by Daylight.

dead by daylight stranger things characters
Dead by Daylight could add new Stranger Things characters to join The Demogorgon, Steve Harrington, and Nancy Wheeler. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Those are a few of the Stranger Things characters we'd most like to see in Dead by Daylight, so lets hope we see a few of these new faces in the Fog sometime soon.

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