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Stranger Things Is Officially Back In Dead By Daylight

Stranger Things is back in Dead by Daylight.
Stranger Things Is Officially Back In Dead By Daylight
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Stranger Things is officially returning to Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive announced in a 6 November FAQ post. "Everything [in the Stranger Things chapter] will be returning," developers confirmed. That includes characters The Demogorgon, Steve Harrington, and Nancy Wheeler, along with the Hawkins Laboratory map.

Stranger Things Returns to Dead by Daylight

hawkins lab dead by daylight stranger things
Hawkins Laboratory returns to Dead by Daylight in the Stranger Things collab. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Yes, it's official - Stranger Things is back in Dead by Daylight, with all the chapter's content available now.

The Hawkins Laboratory map is playable in both public matches and custom matches for players to try out. Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, and The Demogorgon - along with all of their cosmetics - are all already available for purchase in the shop, at their original prices.

All three characters' perks will still be available as general perks for a while; then, developers will turn them into personal perks for the characters, requiring players to buy the characters to get them (unless you've already purchased them). If you've already bought the characters and/or their cosmetics, you won't need to buy them again.

New Stranger Things Content In Dead By Daylight?

While the return of Stranger Things is an incredibly exciting turn of events for players who have been speculating about its revival since the chapter was removed, there won't be any new content at this time.

For those concerned about what this means for a potential upcoming Predator, Saw, or FNAF chapter, developers confirmed that "Stranger Things returning to Dead by Daylight does not replace any of the content that’s currently planned."

Developers will also address any concerns about the chapter's balance, stating, "Content in the game has always been able to receive balance changes if required, the Stranger Things characters being no exception." They added, "If we find that there are issues with a Killer’s Power or that something needs to be updated, we will make those changes."

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